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Paper: The gamma Doradus stars campaign
Volume: 256, Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Page: 203
Authors: Eyer, Laurent; Aerts, Conny; van Loon, Mieke; Bouckaert, Filip; Cuypers, Jan
Abstract: We report on the results from a large photometric campaign on thirty five gamma Dor star candidates undertaken at the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Leuven in the framework of the Flanders - South-Africa grant. An overview of the data, as well as the results of the analysis of the obtained time series are presented, the main conclusion being that nine stars are thought to be multiperiodic gamma Dor stars and eight monoperiodic. We also performed a photometric mode identification for two stars of the sample by comparing the amplitude ratios in the different passbands of the Geneva photometric system. Both stars seem to pulsate in non-radial modes of degree l=1.
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