Title: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun: Tenth Cambridge Workshop
Volume: 154 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Donahue, Robert A.; Bookbinder, Jay A.
ISBN: 1-886733-74-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-490-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Doppler Detection of Extra-Solar Planets 9 Marcy, G. W.; Butler, R. Paul
The Spectral Character of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs 27 Burrows, A.; Marley, M.; Hubbard, W. B.; Sudarsky, D.; Sharp, C.; Lunine, J. I.; Guillot, T.; Saumon, D.; Freedman, R.
Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarfs 47 Rebolo, R.
Model Atmospheres of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 63 Allard, F.; Alexander, D. R.; Hauschildt, P. H.
The Mass Function Below the Substellar Limit 77 Mayor, M.; Udry, S.; Queloz, D.
Coronal Abundances: What are They? 91 Jordan, C.; Doschek, G. A.; Drake, J. J.; Galvin, A. B.; Raymond, J. C.
Mixing in Low-Mass Stars: The Lithium-Rotation Connection 111 Balachandran, Suchitra C.; Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Kraft, R. P.; MacGregor, K. B.; Barnes, G.; Martin, E. L.; Pinsonneault, Marc H.
In Memoriam of P. Brendan Byrne 127 Doyle, J. G.
Cyclic Magnetic Variations of the Sun 131 Wang, Y.-M.
Activity Cycles in Lower Main Sequence and POST Main Sequence Stars: The HK Project 153 Baliunas, Sallie L.; Donahue, Robert A.; Soon, Willie; Henry, Gregory W.
Theoretical Basis of Stellar Activity Cycles 173 Brandenburg, Axel
Stars and Sun; Treasures and Threats 193 Gray, David F.
Non-Radiative Heating in ``Flat Activity'' Stars 211 Saar, S. H.
Long Term X-ray Variability in Cool Stars 223 Stern, Robert A.
The ROSAT Field Sources --- What are they? 237 Caillault, J.-P.; Briceno, C.; Martin, E. L.; Palla, F.; Wichmann, R.
Evolved Stars: What Happens to Activity Off the Main Sequence 257 Strassmeier, K. G.; Fekel, F. C.; Gray, D. F.; Hatzes, A. P.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Solanki, S. K.
Helioseismology: What are We Learning About the Sun? 275 Toomre, Juri
Observational Challenges in Asteroseismology 289 Brown, Timothy M.
Solar-like Oscillations: The Search Goes On 301 Bedding, Timothy R.; Kjeldsen, Hans
Stellar Oscillations in K Giant Stars 311 Hatzes, Artie P.; Cochran, William D.
New Images of the Solar Corona 329 Gurman, Joseph B.; Thompson, Barbara J.; Newmark, Jeffrey A.; Deforest, Craig E.
The Sun's Magnetic Carpet 345 Title, A. M.; Schrijver, C. J.
IR Imaging of Circumstellar Environments 361 Danchi, W. C.; Tuthill, P. G.; Bester, M.; Lipman, E. A.; Monnier, J. M.; Townes, C. H.
Surface Imaging by Microlensing 383 Sasselov, Dimitar D.
Imaging Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse in the Ultraviolet 393 Uitenbroek, H.; Dupree, A. K.; Gilliland, R. L.
New Results from Solar Coronal Spectroscopy (SOHO/SUMER) 413 Doschek, G. A.
New Results from the Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer 431 Mason, H. E.; Pike, C. D.
Spectroscopy of Stellar Coronae 447 Laming, J. Martin
Inference of Stellar Coronal Structure 463 Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Spectroscopic Preparation for AXAF and XMM 487 Brickhouse, N. S.
Supersaturation in X-ray Emission of Cluster Stars 501 Randich, Sofia
First Coronal Results from the SAX X-ray Observatory 511 Favata, F.
Studying New Problems in Stellar Coronal Physics with AXAF and XMM 527 Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Gagne, Marc
Dynamics of Solar Fine Structure: Observation with High Spatial Resolution 553 Al, N.; Bendlin, C.; de Boer, C. R.; Denker, C.; Kneer, F.; Schmitt, D.; Volkmer, R.; Wilken, V.
Investigating the Formation of the Helium Spectrum in the Solar Atmosphere 559 Andretta, Vincenzo; Jordan, Stuart D.; Muglach, Karin; Garcia, Adriana; Jones, Harrison P.; Soltau, Dirk
Solar Magneto-Convection 568 Bercik, David J.; Basu, Shantanu; Georgobiani, Dali; Nordlund, Ake; Stein, Robert F.
Microwave Spectral-Polarization Structure of Type I Noise Storm-Producing Active Regions on the Sun 573 Bogod, V. M.; Gariamov, V. I.; Gelfreikh, G. B.; Willson, R. F.; Kile, J. N.; Lang, K. R.
Chromospheric and Photospheric Activity of the Sun as a Star Using SOLSTICE Data 584 Catalano, S.; Lanza, A. F.; Brekke, P.; Rottman, Gary J.; Hoyng, P.
The Impact of UVCS/SOHO Observations on Models of Ion-Cyclotron Resonance Heating of the Solar Corona 592 Cranmer, Steven R.; Field, George B.; Kohl, John L.
Comparison of SPARTAN and UVCS/SOHO Observations 607 Dobrzycka, D.; Strachan, L.; Miralles, M. P.; Kohl, J. L.; Gardner, L. D.; Smith, P. L.; Cranmer, S. R.; Guhathakurta, M.; Fisher, R.
Proton-Impact Excitation Data of Relevance to the SOHO Mission 608 Foster-Woods, V. J.; Copeland, F.; Reid, R. H. G.; Keenan, F. P.
The Structural Variability of the Solar EUV Network 612 Gallagher, P. T.; Phillips, K. J. H.; Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Keenan, F. P.
An Observational Test of Transition Region Lines as a Pressure Gauge 621 Griffiths, N. W.; Fisher, G. H.; Siegmund, O. H. W.
Why Does the Sun Have Kilogauss Magnetic Fields? 630 Hasan, S. S.; van Ballegooijen, A. A.
SOLIS --- A Modern Facility for Synoptic Solar Observations 636 Keller, C. U.; Nso Staff
He I 10830 AA Doppler Oscillations in a Solar Filament 650 Molowny-Horas, R.; Baudin, F.; Oliver, R.; Ballester, J. L.
The Solar Intergranular Space: Time and Height Variability 658 Nesis, A.; Hammer, R.; Kiefer, M.; Schleicher, H.
Observations of Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere 666 Perez, E. P.; Doyle, J. G.; Erdelyi, R.
The Nature of Loop-Top Sources in Solar X-ray Flares 671 Phillips, K. J. H.; Jakimiec, J.; Tomczak, M.; Falewicz, R.; Fludra, A.
Kink Waves in Solar Flux Tubes and Polarized Line Profiles 679 Ploner, S. R. O.; Solanki, S. K.
Solar Oblateness Variations and Astrophysical Consequences 685 Rozelot, J. P.
Modeling of Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere 693 Sarro, L. M.; Doyle, J. G.; Montesinos, B.; Erdelyi, R.; de Sterck, H.
The Wavelength Dependence of Solar Irradiance Variations 700 Unruh, Yvonne C.; Solanki, Sami K.
X-Ray Jets and Their Radio Signatures at Metric and Centimeter Wavelenths 707 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Willson, R. F.; Kile, J. N.; Raoult, A.; Klein, L.; Mein, N.; Rudawy, P.; Cader, B.; Rompolt, B.; Schmieder, B.; Mein, P.; Malherbe, J. M.
Hot Water on the Sun: Assignments via {\it AB initio} Line Lists 718 Viti, Serena; Polyansky, Oleg L.; Zobov, Nikolai F.; Tennyson, Jonathan; Bernath, Peter F.; Wallace, Lloyd
VLA-SOHO Observations of Evolving Coronal Structures on the Sun 727 Willson, R. F.; Lang, K. R.; Thompson, B.; Schuehle, U.; Zarro, D. M.
HIPPARCOS Parallaxes for eta Boo and kappa^1 Boo: Two Successes for Asteroseismology 741 Bedding, Timothy R.; Kjeldsen, Hans; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jorgen
Polaris: What Does a Little Pulsation Do to an Atmosphere? 745 Evans, Nancy Remage; Sasselov, Dimitar; Short, C. Ian
Variability in K Giants 755 Fekel, Francis C.; Henry, Gregory W.
Solar p-Mode Frequencies with OPAL and OP Opacities 761 Gong, Zhigang; Dappen, Werner; Li, Yan
Excitation of Longitudinal Modes in Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes by p-Modes 767 Hasan, S. S.; Kalkofen, W.
A New Look at the gamma Doradus Phenomenon 773 Kaye, Anthony B.; Bagnuolo, William G.; Hall, Douglas S.; Henry, Gregory W.
Multitaper Spectral Analysis and Wavelet Denoising Applied to Helioseismic Data 783 Komm, Rudolf; Gu, Yeming; Hill, Frank; Stark, Phil; Fodor, Imola
Temperatures of Cepheids from Line-Depth Ratios 791 Krockenberger, M.; Sasselov, D.; Noyes, R.; Korzennik, S.; Nisenson, P.; Brown, T.; Kennelly, T.; Horner, S.
Transition Region Variability: Evidence for Oscillation 798 O'Shea, E.; Doyle, J. G.
Gravity Waves and the Evolution of the Solar Rotation Profile 806 Talon, Suzanne; Zahn, Jean-Paul
An Inversion Technique to Derive Model Photospheres in Late-Type Stars from High-Resolution Spectroscopy: The Sun 813 Allende Prieto, Carlos; Ruiz Cobo, Basilio; Garcia Lopez, Ramon J.
How Many Parameters Are Required to Describe a Star? Principal Component Analysis as an Astrophysical Tool 818 Dobson, Andrea K.; Donahue, Robert A.
Convective Parameters and Activity in Late-Type Giants 827 Dorado, Myriam; Montesinos, Benjamin
Noise Reduction in Astronomical Spectra: A New Wavelet-Based Method 833 Fligge, M.; Solanki, S. K.
The Influence of Magnetic Flux Tubes on Their Environment 838 Hasan, S. S.; Kalkofen, W.
DEM Reconstruction: A Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo Approach 844 Kashyap, Vinay; Drake, Jeremy
Predicting the Internal Differential Rotation for a K0 III Giants 852 Kitchatinov, L. L.; Rudiger, G.
Core-``Overshooting'' and the Distribution of Giants in the HRD 856 Schroder, K.-P.
Chromospheric Line Blanketing and the H I Spectrum in dM Stars 865 Short, C. I.; Doyle, J. G.
The Toulouse Solar Models: New Results 872 Vauclair, Sylvie; Richard, Olivier
The Li-Rich Giant HD 233517 879 Balachandran, Suchitra C.; Henry, Gregory W.; Fekel, Francis C.
Angular Momentum Transport in Magnetized Stellar Radiative Zones: The Solar Light Element Abundances 886 Barnes, G.; Charbonneau, P.; MacGregor, K. B.
Lithium and Binarity 894 Barrado y Navascues, David
Boron in Lithium- and Beryllium-Deficient F Stars 903 Boesgaard, Ann Merchant; Deliyannis, Constantine P.; Stephens, Alex; Lambert, David L.
Primordial Lithium: Keck Observations in M 92 Turn-Off Stars 913 Boesgaard, Ann Merchant; Deliyannis, Constantine P.; Stephens, Alex; King, Jeremy R.
Beryllium, Lithium and Oxygen Abundances in F-type Stars 924 Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Dominguez Herrera, M. C.; Perez de Taoro, M. R.; Casares, C.; Rasilla, J. L.; Rebolo, R.; Allende Prieto, C.
On the Ubiquity of Polluted Dwarfs 932 Green, Paul J.; Kurtz, Michael J.
Lithium Abundances in the Low Metallicity Hyades Analogue NGC 6633 940 Jeffries, R. D.
Lithium Abundance in NGC 3680 947 Pasquini, L.; Randich, S.; Pallavicini, R.
Lithium in Cool Stars Detected in EUV Surveys: ZAMS, PTTS, or PMS? 954 Pastori, L.; Tagliaferri, G.; Cutispoto, G.; Pallavicini, R.
Rotational Mixing and the Primordial Lithium Abundance 959 Pinsonneault, M. H.; Narayanan, V. K.; Steigman, G.; Walker, T. P.
The Boron Isotopic Ratio in HD 76932 967 Rebull, Luisa; Duncan, Douglas; Johansson, Sveneric; Thorburn, Julie; Schramm, David; Fields, Brian
Li Depletion in the Hyades F Stars by Rotational Mixing 973 Talon, Suzanne; Charbonnel, Corinne
The Effect of Surface Inhomogeneities on the Determination of the Lithium Abundance in Cool Stellar Atmospheres 979 Uitenbroek, H.
EUVE Observations of 44 i Boo}: Evidence for Localized Emission 993 Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.
Radio Emission from ROSAT Discovered Young Stars in and Around Taurus-Auriga 1001 Carkner, Lee; Mamajek, Eric; Feigelson, Eric; Neuhauser, Ralph; Wichmann, Rainer; Krautter, Joachim
New Spectral Identifications of Faint Late-Type Stars in the EUVE Survey 1009 Craig, N.; Christian, D. J.; Roberts, B. A.
The Coronal Metallicity of the RS CVn Binary HR 1099 1014 Drake, Jeremy; Kashyap, Vinay
ORFEUS Observations of Cool Stars: Electron Density Measurements 1022 Dupree, A. K.; Brickhouse, N. S.; Hurwitz, M.
Simulating the Source Parameter Recovery Capability from Coronal X-ray Spectra: the SAX/LECS and the ASCA/SIS Cases 1027 Favata, F.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Sciortino, S.
Results from the 3 November 1994 Solar Eclipse: Density and Temperature Variations in Streamers and Coronal Holes 1035 Foing, B. H.; Duvet, L.; Ligot, L.; Oliveira, J.; Beaufort, T.; Wiik, J. E.; Altieri, B.; Henrich, N.; Cravatte, S.; Maurice, E.
The X-Ray and Radio Sun in Time: Coronal Evolution of Solar-Type Stars with Different Ages 1041 Gudel, Manuel; Guinan, Edward F.; Skinner, Stephen L.
X-Ray Spectroscopy Diagnostics with XMM and AXAF: Prospects and Challenges 1051 Gudel, Manuel; Mewe, Rolf
TY Pyx: X-ray Light Curves and Spectra 1061 Huenemoerder, David P.
ROSAT X-Ray Light Curves and Spectra of II Peg 1070 Huenemoerder, David; Baluta, Christopher
Late-Type Giants in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey 1075 Hunsch, Matthias; Schmitt, Jurgen H. M. M.
ROSAT WFC and XRT Survey Observations of Late-Type Stars 1085 Kellett, Barry J.; Tsikoudi, Vassiliki
ROSAT WFC and HRI Observations of 44 i Bootis 1093 Kellett, Barry J.
One Peculiarity Common to the Sun's and Symbiotic Stars' Spectra 1101 Klochek, N. V.; Nikonova, M. V.
The EUV Spectrum of kappa Ceti in a Quiescent Phase 1105 Landi, E.; Landini, M.; Delzanna, G.
X-ray Variability in ROSAT Observations of M Stars 1116 Marino, A.; Micela, G.; Peres, G.
X-rays From the Youngest Stars 1123 Montmerle, T.; Grosso, N.
Solar-Stellar Connection: Relevance of YOHKOH Data 1130 Orlando, S.; Peres, G.; Reale, F.; Rosner, R.; Hudson, H.
Spectroscopic Capabilities of XMM for Stellar Coronal Studies 1138 Pallavicini, R.
Evolution of X-ray Activity of 1-3 M_odot Late-Type Stars in Early Post-Main-Sequence Phases 1146 Pizzolato, N.; Maggio, A.; Sciortino, S.
Gradual Opening of Solar/Stellar Magnetic Fields Driven by Surface Shear Flows 1154 Sakurai, Takashi
X-ray Flare Light Curves and Dimensions of the Flaring Regions 1161 Serio, S.; Reale, F.; Betta, R.; Peres, G.; McTiernan, J.
Multiwavelength EUVE/ASCA/RXTE Observations of Algol and the [Fe/H] Abundance 1166 Stern, Robert A.; Lemen, James R.; Antunes, Sandy; Drake, Stephen A.; Nagase, Fumiaki; Schmitt, Jurgen H. M. M.; Singh, Kulinderpal; White, Nicholas E.
A Beppo-SAX Observation of HD 9770: a Newly Discovered Short-Period Eclipsing Binary System 1175 Tagliaferri, G.; Covino, S.; Cutispoto, G.; Pallavicini, R.
Coronal Loop Modeling of ROSAT/PSPC X-ray Spectra from Solar-Type Stars 1183 Ventura, R.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.
A Search for Hard X-ray Emission from Active Stars Using CGRO/BATSE 1192 White, S. M.; Harmon, B. A.; Lim, J.; Kundu, M. R.
Rotation-Activity Relations for Cool Zero-Age-Main-Sequence (ZAMS) Stars 1205 Ambruster, Carol W.; Brown, Alexander; Fekel, Francis C.; Harper, Graham M.; Fabian, Dirk; Wood, Brian; Guinan, Edward F.
Proxima Centauri: Time-resolved Astrometry of a Flare Site using {\it HST} Fine Guidance Sensor 3 1212 Benedict, G. Fritz; McArthur, Barbara; Nelan, E.; Story, D.; Whipple, A. L.; Shelus, P. J.; Jefferys, W. H.; Hemenway, P. D.; Franz, Otto G.; Wasserman, L. H.; van Altena, W.; Fredrick, L. W.
Timescales for Spindown on the Lower Main Sequence 1220 Buzasi, Derek L.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Study of HD 112989: an Active Peculiar Single Giant Star 1228 de Medeiros, Jose-Renan; Konstantinova-Antova, Renada K.
Stellar Ages Using the Chromospheric Activity of Field Binary Stars 1235 Donahue, Robert A.
IUE Low Resolution MG II (2800 AA) Observations as an Indicator of Stellar Activity 1243 Gimenez, A.; Cunha, N. C. S.
Assembling the Pieces of the Puzzle: A Nearby, Rapidly Rotating Young Sun in 47 Cas? 1247 Gudel, Manuel; Guinan, Edward F.; Etzel, Paul B.; Mewe, Rolf; Kaastra, Jelle S.; Skinner, Stephen L.
On the Rotation-Activity Correlation in Active Binaries 1257 Gunn, A. G.; Mitrou, C. K.; Doyle, J. G.
Rotation, Activity, and Lithium in NGC 6475 1269 Jeffries, R. D.; James, D. J.
Identifications of Emission Lines in GHRS Spectra of RR Tel 1277 Jordan, C.; Harper, G. M.
Hale's Polarity Law for Fast Rotating Stars from the Viewpoint of Dynamo Theory 1286 Kuzanyan, Kirill M.
Fluorescence in the Chromosphere of alpha Tau (K5 III) 1293 McMurry, A. D.; Jordan, C.; Carpenter, K. G.; Robinson, R. D.
Nature of Solar-Type Stars in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey 1301 Metanomski, Agnes D. F.; Krautter, Joachim; Pasquini, Luca; Cutispoto, Giuseppe; Fleming, Thomas A.
Searching for the Cause of Hybrid Star Activity 1307 Robinson, Richard D.; Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Brown, Alexander
Forecasting Solar Activity and Cycle 23 Outlook 1315 Schatten, Kenneth
Variability of Solar and Stellar Activity by Two Interacting Hydromagnetic Dynamos 1324 Schmitt, D.; Schussler, M.; Ferriz-Mas, A.
New Rotational Velocities of M Dwarfs in the Pleiades and Hyades 1331 Stauffer, John; Jones, Burton; Fischer, Debra; Krishnamurthi, Anita; Pinsonneault, Marc; Terndrup, Donald; Wolff, Sidney
Cool Young Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood 1339 Sterzik, Michael F.; Schmitt, Jurgen H. M. M.
Symmetry Changes of Magnetic Fields in the Sun and Other Stars 1349 Tobias, S. M.
Observational Constraints on the Dynamo in Flare Stars 1357 Valenti, Jeff A.; Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Piskunov, Nikolai
Doppler Imaging of the RS CVn Binary IL Hydrae 1366 Weber, M.; Strassmeier, K. G.
The RS CVn Binary HD 155555: A Comparative Study of the Atmospheres for the Two Component Stars 1377 Airapetian, V. S.; Dempsey, R. C.
II Peg: Stellar and Orbital Parameters 1384 Berdyugina, S.; Ilyin, I.; Tuominen, I.
He I 10830 AA in Late-Type Dwarfs 1392 Byrne, P. B.; Sarro, L. M.; Lanzafame, A. C.
Photometry of Cool Stars Detected in EUV All-Sky Surveys 1397 Cutispoto, G.; Tagliaferri, G.; Kurster, M.; Messina, S.; Rodono, M.
From Top to Bottom --- the Multiwavelength Campaign of V824 ARA (HD 155555) 1402 Dempsey, Robert; Neff, James; Strassmeier, Klaus; Linsky, Jeffrey; Lim, Jeremy; Donati, J.-F.; Walter, Fred; Budding, Edwin; Marang, Fred; Jordan, Ian; Walker, Stan; Downing, David G.; Inwood, Doug; Petterson, Orlon
Indicators of Intense Activity in the Recently Discovered Late-Type Rapid Rotator, RE 1816+541 1410 Eibe, M. T.; Byrne, P. B.; Robb, R. M.
Time Variation of Hα Emission in Active Binary Systems 1421 Frasca, A.; Catalano, S.; Marilli, E.
Probing the Extended Atmosphere of V471 Tauri 1431 Kim, Jinyoung Serena; Walter, Frederick M.
II Peg: Spectroscopic Evidence for Multiple Starspot Temperatures 1439 O'Neal, Douglas; Saar, Steven H.; Neff, James E. Neff
ISOPHOT Observations of the RS CVn-type Star II Peg 1446 Rodono, M.; Pagano, I.; Cutispoto, G.; Marino, G.; Messina, S.; Leto, G.; Trigilio, C.; Umana, G.; Neri, R.
Multiwavelength Optical Observations of Chromospherically Active Binary Systems 1450 Sanz-Forcada, J.; Montes, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.
A New Non-Solar Paradigm for Active Stars 1458 Walter, Frederick M.; Byrne, P. Brendan
A Probable Periodicity in the Activity of the Red Dwarf Flare Star EV Lac 1471 Alekseev, I. Yu.; Gershberg, R. E.
II Peg: Quiescent Cromospheric Emission and Flares in 1994-1996 1477 Berdyugina, S.; Ilyin, I.; Tuominen, I.
Coordinated VLA, Optical, EUVE, and RXTE Monitoring of Flares on EQ Pegasi and AU Microscopii 1484 Gagne, Marc; Valenti, Jeff; Johns-Krull, Christopher; Linsky, Jeffrey; Brown, Alex; Gudel, Manuel
On the Membership of Flare Stars in the Pleiades Cluster 1492 Hambaryan, V. V.
Semi-Empirical Models of Stellar Flares 1500 Jevremovic, D.; Houdebine, E. R.; Butler, C. J.
A Strong Flare on the K Dwarf LQ Hya 1508 Montes, D.; Saar, S. H.; Collier Cameron, A.; Unruh, Y. C.
The Broad Components in the Hα Line of Very Active Stars: Chromospheric Microflaring? 1516 Montes, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.; Poncet, A.; Sanz-Forcada, J.
Circumstellar Variations and Microflaring in FK Comae Berenices: Time-Resolved Balmer Line Spectroscopy 1524 Oliveira, J. M.; Foing, B. H.; Gondoin, Ph.; Stempels, H. C.; Sonnentrucker, P.; Le Poole, R. S.; Ehrenfreund, P.; de Jong, J. A.; Schrijvers, C.; Henrichs, H.; The ESA-MUSICOS Collaboration
Flares on AB Doradus Observed with ASCA 1532 Ortolani, A.; Pallavicini, R.; Maggio, A.; Reale, F.; White, S. M.
Flaring on RS CVn systems: Results from EUVE Photometry 1540 Osten, R. A.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.
Flaring Activity Cycles in beta Per and HR 1099 from a Continuous 2 GHz and 8 GHz Radio Survey 1546 Richards, Mercedes T.; Waltman, Elizabeth B.; Foster, Roger S.; Ghigo, Frank D.
Dependence of Radio Flaring Activity on Orbital Phase in Archival Observations of Algol-type and RS CVn Binaries 1551 Richards, Mercedes T.; Russell, Scot E.
The Contribution of Flares to Transition Region Heating in Active G and K Dwarfs 1560 Saar, S. H.; Bookbinder, J. A.
Atmospheric Dynamics of Luminous Late-Type Stars 1569 Airapetian, V. S.; Ofman, L.; Robinson, R. D.; Carpenter, K.; Davila, J.
HST Observations of Carbon Stars 1578 Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Robinson, R. D.; Johnson, H. R.
Phase Dependent Spectroscopy of Mira Variables 1586 Castelaz, Michael W.; Luttermoser, Donald G.
Convective Lineshifts in the Solar Spectrum 1594 Hamilton, Devon; Lester, J. B.
The Variable Spectrum of the Yellow Hypergiant rho Cassiopeiae 1601 Israelian, G.; Lobel, A.; de Jager, C.; Musaev, F.
The UV Spectra of Mira Variables: A View with HST 1613 Luttermoser, Donald G.; Mahar, Susan
Proper Motions of Water Masers in Circumstellar Shells 1621 Marvel, K. B.; Diamond, P. J.; Kemball, A. J.
Extinction and Mass Loss in AGB Stars from Optical Emission Lines and Mid-IR Imaging 1630 Origlia, L.; Busso, M.; Silvestro, G.; Marengo, M.; Persi, P.; Lagage, P. O.
Extension of the Effective Temperature Scale of Giants Later Than M6 1636 Perrin, G.; Coude Du Foresto, V.; Ridgway, S. T.; Mariotti, J.-M.; Traub, W. A.; Carleton, N. P.; Lacasse, M. G.
The Cool Algol BD+05 706 1644 Torres, Guillermo; Neuhauser, Ralph; Wichmann, Rainer
The Winds of Solar-like Stars and Their Interactions with the ISM 1652 Wood, Brian E.; Linsky, Jeffrey L.
Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Young Stars in NGC 2024 1663 Ali, B.; Sellgren, K.; Depoy, D. L.; Carr, John S.; Gatley, Ian; Merrill, K. M.; Lada, E.
Optical Outburst of a Young Star 1673 Alves, Joao; Hartmann, Lee; Briceno, Cesar; Lada, Charles J.
Extended (15 X 6 AU) Hα Emission Around T Tau N 1684 Garcia, P. J. V.; Thiebaut, E.
Magnetic Field Strength of T Tauri stars 1693 Guenther, Eike; Lehmann, Holger
Optical Flares of Weak-Line and Classical T Tauri stars 1701 Guenther, Eike; Ball, Mathias
Color Anomalies of Weak Lined T Tauri stars 1709 Gullbring, E.; Hartmann, L.; Briceno, C.; Calvet, N.; Muzerolle, J.
Star-Formation at High Galactic Latitude 1716 Hearty, Thomas; Magnani, Loris; Caillault, Jean-Pierre; Neuhauser, Ralph; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Stauffer, John
A Short Wavelength IUE Atlas of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars 1724 Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Valenti, Jeff A.; Linsky, Jeffrey L.
Radio Observations of T Tauri Stars South of Taurus-Auriga 1735 Magazzu, A.; Umana, G.; Martin, E. L.
Spectroscopic Classification of Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in Taurus 1742 Martin, E. L.; Magazzu, A.
Kinematics of Lithium-Rich Stars South of Taurus 1748 Neuhauser, R.; Frink, S.; Torres, G.; Sterzik, M. F.; Roeser, S.; Randich, S.
The Low-Mass Membership of the R CrA T Association 1755 Patten, Brian M.
Lithium Abundances in the Young PMS Stars FN Tau and V927 Tau: an Interplay of Observations and Theory 1764 Pavlenko, Ya. V.; Oppenheimer, B.
The Chromospheric Activity of Weak Line T Tauri Stars: Simultaneous Hα and CA II H & K Observations 1772 Poncet, A.; Montes, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; Miranda, L. F.
T Tauri Stars in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association 1780 Preibisch, Thomas; Zinnecker, Hans; Guenther, Eike; Sterzik, Michael; Frink, Sabine; Roser, Siegfried
A Deep ASCA X-ray Observation of the Classical T Tauri Star SU Aurigae 1787 Skinner, S. L.; Walter, F. M.
The sigma Orionis Cluster 1793 Walter, Frederick M.; Wolk, Scott J.; Sherry, William
Star Formation in the GUM Nebula (Cometary Globules 30, 31, 38) 1800 Wolk, Scott J.; Walter, Frederick M. W.
Brightening of the T Tauri star RY Tau in 1996 1808 Zajtseva, G.; Efimov, Yu.; Petrov, P.; Ilyin, I.; Duemmler, R.; Tuominen, I.
The First Line Profiles from Cool Field Brown Dwarfs 1819 Basri, G.; Martin, E.; Ruiz, M. T.; Delfosse, X.; Forveille, T.; Epchtein, N.; Allard, F.; Leggett, S. K.
Results of a Deeper, Wider Area Brown Dwarf Search in the Pleiades 1828 Bouvier, Jerome; Stauffer, John; Martin, Eduardo
Young Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets as Companions to Weak-Line T Tauri Stars 1836 Brandner, Wolfgang; Frink, Sabine; Kohler, Rainer; Kunkel, Michael
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