Title: Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Volume: 73 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Haas, Michael R.; Davidson, Jacqueline A.; Erickson, Edwin F.
ISBN: 0-937707-92-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-409-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Interstellar Medium 3 Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.
Airborne and laboratory studies of interstellar PAHs 23 Allamandola, L. J.; Sandford, S. A.; Hudgins, D. M.; Witteborn, Fred C.
Submillimeter spectroscopy of interstellar hydrides 33 Zmuidzinas, Jonas; Blake, G. A.; Carlstrom, J.; Keene, Jocelyn; Miller, D.; Schilke, P.; Ugras, N. G.
FIR line profiles as probes of warm gas dynamics 41 Betz, A. L.; Boreiko, R. T.
The future of magnetic field mapping in the Interstellar Medium 45 Goodman, Alyssa A.
The structure of H II regions and the variations in their properties with galactocentric distance 53 Simpson, Janet P.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Rubin, Robert H.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Haas, Michael R.
Observational aspects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon charging in the Interstellar Medium 59 Bakes, E. L. O.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.
Spectral imaging of the Orion Bar at 6.2 and 7.8 microns 63 Bregman, Jesse; Harker, David; Rank, David; Temi, Pasquale
A search for the C3 carbon cluster in the Interstellar Medium 67 Vanorden, A.; Cruzan, J. D.; Provencal, R. A.; Giesen, T. F.; Saykally, R. J.; Boreiko, R. T.; Betz, A. L.
Physical and chemical evolution of reduced organic matter in the ISM 71 Jenniskens, Peter; Blake, David F.
Ices in the Taurus dark cloud environment 75 Chiar, J. E.; Whittet, D. C. B.; Adamson, A. J.; Kerr, T. H.
Carbon in photon dominated regions: C II/C I/CO observations of NGC 2024 79 Jaffe, Dan T.; Plume, R.
Molecular, atomic, and ionized gas in the NGC 6334 star forming region 83 Kraemer, K. E.; Jackson, J. M.; Paglione, T. A. D.; Lane, A. P.
HCN and HCO(+) images of the photodissociation region in the Orion Bar 87 Young Owl, Rolaine C.; Meixner, Margaret; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.; Tauber, Jan A.
Atomic far-IR fine-structure line mapping of L1630, M17, and W3: Comparison of (O I) and (C II) distributions 91 Howe, J. E.; Jaffe, Dan T.; Zhou, Shudong
Radio emission from spinning grains 93 Ferrara, A.; Dettmar, R.-J.
Far-infrared polarimetry 97 Hildebrand, Roger H.; Dotson, Jesse L.; Dowell, C. Darren; Platt, S. R.; Schleuning, David; Davidson, J. A.; Novak, Giles
Argon and neon in Galactic nebulae 105 Simpson, Janet P.; Bregman, Jesse D.; Dinerstein, H. L.; Lester, Dan F.; Rank, David M.; Witteborn, F. C.; Wooden, D. H.
Compact H II regions: Deriving Galactic abundances and local properties 111 Afferbach, A.; Churchwell, E.; Werner, M. W.
Density determination from far-infrared lines 115 Rubin, Robert H.; Simpson, Janet P.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Haas, Michael R.; Lord, Steven D.; Colgan, Sean W. J.
The life cycle of the Interstellar Medium in other galaxies 121 Knapp, G. R.
A multi-wavelength study of 30 Doradus: The Interstellar Medium in a low-metallicity galaxy 141 Poglitsch, Albrecht; Genzel, R.; Herrmann, F.; Krabbe, A.; Madden, S. C.; Geis, Norbert; Stacey, G. J.; Townes, C. H.; Johannson, L. E. B.
A far-infrared spectral line survey of 23 infrared-bright Galaxy nuclei 151 Lord, Steven D.; Hollenbach, David J.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Haas, Michael R.; Rubin, Robert H.; Madden, Suzanne C.; Steiman-Cameron, Thomas Y.; Carral, Patricia; Maloney, Philip R.; Erickson, Edwin F.
The extent of far-IR emission in luminous galaxies 159 Lester, Dan F.
Infrared studies of galaxies from space 169 Werner, Michael W.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.
Interstellar grains in elliptical galaxies 177 Tsai, John C.; Mathews, William G.
Extragalactic diffuse (C II) emission 181 Madden, Suzanne C.; Geis, Norbert; Townes, Charles H.; Genzel, R.; Herrmann, F.; Poglitsch, Albrecht; Stacey, G. J.
Too much carbon in NGC253 185 Harrison, Andrew; Brand, Peter; Puxley, Phil; Russell, Adrian
The far-infrared distribution in the Dusty Hand Galaxy NGC 2146 189 Smith, Beverly J.; Harvey, Paul M.; Lester, Dan F.
An infrared imaging study of galaxies in the local universe 195 Grauer, Albert D.; Rieke, Marcia J.; McLeod, Kim K.
The application of infrared speckle interferometry to the imaging of remote galaxies and AGN 197 Olivares, Robert O.
KAO 60-micron imaging observations of galaxies with active star formation 199 Wang, Zhong; Helou, George; Lu, Nanyao; Cole, David M.
The early evolution of stars 205 Strom, Stephen E.
KWIC imaging of the Orion Nebula 215 Stacey, G. J.; Gull, George E.; Hayward, T. L.; Latvakoski, H.; Peng, L.
The magnetic field structure in high-mass star formation regions 225 Davidson, Jacqueline A.; Schleuning, D.; Dotson, J. L.; Dowell, C. Darren; Hildebrand, Roger H.
The envelopes around young stellar objects: What can far-infared observations tell us? 235 Butner, H. M.; Moriarty-Schieven, G. H.; Ressler, M. E.; Werner, Michael W.
Infrared spectra of protostellar collapse 243 Hollenbach, David J.; Ceccarelli, Cecilia; Neufeld, David A.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.
Far-infrared observations of main sequence stars surrounded by dust shells 251 Harvey, Paul M.; Smith, Beverly J.; Difrancesco, J.
New far infrared images of bright, nearby, star-forming regions 257 Harper, D. Al, Jr.; Cole, David M.; Dowell, C. Darren; Lees, Joanna F.; Lowenstein, Robert F.
Models of far-IR sources at W3-IRS4 and W3-IRS5 259 Campbell, M. F.; Campbell, M. B.; Butner, H. M.; Lester, Dan F.; Harvey, Paul M.; Evans, N. J., II
The distribution of warm dust in the star forming region Cepheus A: Infrared constraints 263 Colome, Cecilia; Harvey, Paul M.
Far-infrared maps of intermediate-mass young stellar objects 267 Difrancesco, J.; Evans, N. J., II; Harvey, Paul M.; Mundy, L. G.; Butner, H. M.
A search for hydrogen lasers in MWC 349 from the KAO 271 Strelnitski, Vladimir S.; Smith, Howard A.; Haas, Michael R.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Geis, Norbert; Hollenbach, David J.; Townes, Charles H.
Pixon deconvolution of far-infrared images from the UT multichannel photometer 275 Koresko, Chris D.; Harvey, Paul M.; Curran, Dian; Puetter, Rick
Our planetary system: The solar system 281 Hunten, Donald M.
Exploring small bodies in the outer solar system with stellar occultations 285 Elliot, Jim L.; Dunham, Edward W.; Olkin, C. B.
Comets and the KAO 297 Lynch, David K.; Larson, Harold P.
Submillimeter solar research with the KAO 329 Becklin, Eric E.; Lindsey, C.
On the size of particles near the nucleus of 2060 Chiron 333 Olkin, C. B.; Elliot, Jim L.; Dunham, Edward W.; Ford, C. H.; Gilmore, D. K.; Rank, David M.; Temi, Pasquale
The detection of a new strong band near 3590 cm-1 (2.79 microns) in the spectrum of Io 337 Salama, F.; Allamandola, L. J.; Sandford, S. A.; Bregman, Jesse D.; Witteborn, F. C.; Cruikshank, D. P.
Mid-infrared (5.0-7.0 microns) imaging spectroscopy of the moon from the KAO 341 Bell, James F., III; Bregman, Jesse D.; Rank, David M.; Temi, Pasquale; Roush, Ted L.; Hawke, B. Ray; Lucey, Paul G.; Pollack, James B.
Thermal infrared spectroscopic observations of Mars from the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO): Constraints on past climates and weathering products 345 Roush, Ted L.; Pollack, James B.; Witteborn, Fred C.; Bregman, Jesse D.; Bell, James F., III; Sitton, Bradley
Magnetic Expansion of Cosmic Plasmas 349 Yang, W.-H.
Radon Measurements Aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory 353 Kritz, M. A.; Rosner, S. W.
The enrichment of the ISM: Evolved stars and meteorites 359 Jura, M.
Supernovae, supernova remnants, and superbubbles 365 Shull, J. Michael
Far-infrared emission lines from planetary nebulae 387 Dinerstein, Harriet L.; Haas, Michael R.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Werner, Michael W.
Infrared dust features of late-type stars and planetary nebulae 395 Glaccum, W.
Fine structure line emission from supergiants 397 Haas, Michael R.; Glassgold, Alfred E.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.
KAO observations of SN1987A 405 Wooden, Diane H.
Mid- and far-infrared emission bands in C-rich proto-planetary nebulae 413 Omont, A.; Cox, P.; Moseley, S. Harvey; Glaccum, W.; Casey, Sean; Forveille, T.; Szczerba, R.; Chan, Kin-Wing
A 7 micron dust emission feature in oxygen-rich circumstellar shells 419 Goebel, J. H.; Bregman, Jesse D.; Witteborn, Fred C.
Silicate and related dust emission in stars on the asymptotic giant branch 425 Sloan, G. C.; Price, S. D.; Little-Marenin, I. R.; Levan, P. G.
High rotational CO lines in post-AGB stars and PNe 429 Justtanont, K.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.; Skinner, C. J.; Haas, Michael R.
Physical structure of the IRC+10216 wind: Molecular sidereoarcheology 433 Skinner, C. J.; Justtanont, K.; Tielens, Alexander G. G. M.; Betz, A. L.; Boreiko, R. T.
Observations of localized NiII emission in M82: Evidence for supernovae activity in the molecular cloud east of the nucleus 437 Rank, David M.; Temi, Pasquale; Bregman, Jesse D.; Dunham, Edward W.; Harker, David
Type IA supernovae: Pulsating delayed detonation models, IR light curves, and the formation of molecules 441 Hoflich, Peter; Khokhlov, A.; Wheeler, C.
The Galactic nucleus: A unique region in the Galactic ecosystem 447 Genzel, Reinhard; Poglitsch, Albrecht
The Population One Core of the Galaxy 465 Burton, Michael G.; Allen, David A.
Dust destruction and kinematics in the Galactic Center 469 Stolovy, Susan R.; Herter, Terry; Gull, George E.; Pirger, Bruce; Vogt, Nicole P.
Far-infrared studies of the Galactic Center Arc using the Kuiper Airborne Observatory 477 Morris, Mark; Davidson, Jacqueline A.; Werner, Michael W.
KAO and AAT observations of the Galactic Center filaments 489 Erickson, Edwin F.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Simpson, Janet P.; Rubin, Robert H.; Haas, Michael R.; Morris, M.; Cotera, A. S.; Allen, David A.; Burton, Michael G.
Star formation in the Galactic Center GMC cores: Sagittarius B2 and the dust ridge 499 Lis, D. C.; Menten, K. M.
High angular resolution 30 microns observations of the Galactic Center 503 Telesco, Charles M.; Davidson, Jacqueline A.; Werner, Michael W.
The 16-45 micron observations of the Galactic Center 505 Chan, Kin-Wing; Moseley, S. Harvey; Casey, Sean; Dwek, E.; Loewenstein, Robert F.; Glaccum, W.
Excitation of the arched filaments near the Galactic Center 507 Colgan, Sean W. J.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Simpson, Janet P.; Haas, Michael R.; Morris, Mark
Stellar ionization of the thermal radio emission regions of the Galactic Center 511 Cotera, Angela S.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Allen, David A.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Simpson, Janet P.; Burton, Michael G.
Optical instrumentation for airborne astronomy 517 Dunham, Edward W.
The Cryogenic Grating Spectrometer 523 Erickson, Edwin F.; Haas, Michael R.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Simpson, Janet P.; Rubin, Robert H.
Design considerations for a large Airborne Infrared Echelle Spectrometer (AIRES) 531 Haas, Michael R.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Baltz, James A.; Lynch, Dana H.
The Yerkes Observatory 60-channel far infrared camera for the Kuiper Airborne Observatory 535 Harper, D. Al, Jr.; Cole, David M.; Loewenstein, Robert F.; McMahon, T.; Pernic, R. J.; Wirth, C.
A diffraction-limited far-infrared imager for the KAO 537 Harvey, Paul M.; Smith, Beverly J.; Colome, C.; Difrancesco, J.; Lester, Dan F.; Sill, D.
The Kuiper Widefield Infrared Camera (KWIC) 539 Latvakoski, H.; Stacey, G. J.; Hayward, T. L.; Gull, George E.; Peng, L.
Stokes, the Chicago far-infrared polarimeter 543 Platt, S. R.; Dotson, J. L.; Dowell, C. Darren; Hildebrand, Roger H.; Schleuning, D.; Novak, Giles
FIFI: The MPE Garching/UC Berkeley Far-Infrared Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer 547 Geis, Norbert; Genzel, Reinhard; Haggerty, M.; Herrmann, F.; Jackson, J.; Madden, Suzanne C.; Nikola, T.; Poglitsch, Albrecht; Rumitz, M.; Stacey, G. J.
Airborne spectrograph for the thermal IR: Broadband Array Spectrograph System 551 Russell, Ray W.; Hackwell, John; Lynch, David; Mazuk, Ann
The Caltech airborne submillimeter SIS receiver 555 Zmuidzinas, Jonas; Carlstrom, J.; Miller, D.; Ugras, N. G.
Site testing Antarctica for astronomy 559 Burton, Michael G.
Polarimetric submillimeter observations from the South Pole 563 Novak, Giles; Platt, Stephen R.; Dragovan, Mark
A CCD offset guider for the KAO 567 Colgan, Sean W. J.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Haynes, Fredric B.; Rank, David M.
HIFOGS: Its design, operations and calibration 573 Witteborn, Fred C.; Cohen, Martin; Bregman, Jesse D.; Heere, Karen R.; Greene, Thomas P.; Wooden, Diane H.
A synchronous motor chopper for laboratory testing of detector systems in infrared astronomy 579 Baltz, James A.; Erickson, Edwin F.
Mid-infrared array camera on the KAO 583 Bregman, Jesse D.; Harker, David; Rank, David M.; Temi, Pasquale
Far-infrared heterodyne spectrometer 587 Boreiko, Rita T.; Betz, Al L.
The NASA Airborne Astronomy Program: A perspective on its contributions to science, technology, and education 591 Larson, Harold P.
From the KAO Archives: Photographs and Video from the First 20 Years 609 Whiting, W. A.; Mathias, E. C.
20 Years of Airborne Astronomy Computing 611 Graybeal, J.
An infrared astronomer's early vision of airborne astronomy: Paul Merrill 1920 619 Osterbrock, Donald E.
Time Flies Too: Random Photos, Articles, etc. 623 Meyer, A. W.
Flight Opportunities for Science Teacher Enrichment 625 de Vore, E.; Gillespie, C., Jr.; Hull, G.; Koch, D.
Airborne Astronomy Outreach Through Education 631 de Vore, E.; Lester, D.
Bringing Students Together: The Impact of the FOSTER Program for Teachers 635 Keller, J.; Williams, S.
Gastrointestinal Anomalies aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory 641 Pants, F. L.; Gorgonzola-Nitz, L.
Panel discussion: The future of IR astronomy 647 Caroff, Lawrence J.
The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) 659 Helou, George; Kessler, Martin F.
The Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS) Mission 665 Roellig, Thomas L.
The Center for Astrophysics in Antarctica 669 Pernic, Robert J.; Harper, D. Al, Jr.; Bausch, Judith A.
The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite 673 Melnick, Gary J.
KAO Mission Summary 679 Dunham, E. W.
IRAS Mission Summary 681 Helou, G.
COBE Mission Summary 683 Davidson, J. A.
MSX Mission Summary 685 Price, S. D.; Witteborn, F. C.
IRTS Mission Summary 687 Roellig, T. L.
SWAS Mission Summary 689 Melnick, G. J.
ISO Mission Summary 691 Helou, G.
NICMOS Mission Summary 693 Rieke, M. J.
WIRE Mission Summary 695 Schember, H.
SOFIA Mission Summary 697 Erickson, E. F.
IRIS Mission Summary 699 Werner, M. W.
SIRTF Mission Summary 701 Werner, M. W.
FIRST Mission Summary 703 Phillips, T. G.
EDISON Mission Summary 705 Thronson, H., Jr.
SOFIA: The future of airborne astronomy 707 Erickson, Edwin F.; Davidson, Jacqueline A.