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Paper: A search for the C3 carbon cluster in the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 67
Authors: Vanorden, A.; Cruzan, J. D.; Provencal, R. A.; Giesen, T. F.; Saykally, R. J.; Boreiko, R. T.; Betz, A. L.
Abstract: We have searched for rovibrational emission and absorption transitions arising from the 63 cm-1 nu2 (piu) bending vibration of the C3 carbon cluster in the interstellar medium using the Betz/Boreiko heterodyne receiver on board the Kuiper Airborne Observatory. The Q(4) line at 1896.707 GHz was searched for in the IRc2 Orion/M42 and the W3 sources, and the R(2) transition at 1968.594 GHz was searched for in Sgr B2. No emission lines were observed in any source. However, a weak absorption was detected in Sgr B2 with a LSR velocity of 63.7+/-0.6 km s-1 and a FWHM linewidth of 7.9+/-0.8 km s-1. This absorption is tentatively identified as the R(2) transition of the C3 bending mode.
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