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Paper: A multi-wavelength study of 30 Doradus: The Interstellar Medium in a low-metallicity galaxy
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 141
Authors: Poglitsch, Albrecht; Genzel, R.; Herrmann, F.; Krabbe, A.; Madden, S. C.; Geis, Norbert; Stacey, G. J.; Townes, C. H.; Johannson, L. E. B.
Abstract: We report maps of the 158 micron (C II) line, the 63 micron and 146 micron (C I) lines, the 2.2 micron Br gamma line, and the 2.6 mm CO (1-0) line toward the 30 Doradus complex in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The maps of all tracers emphasize the shell-like structure of the 30 Doradus region which is seen edge-on. The fact that the molecular gas as traced by CO (1-0) and the photo dissociated gas as traced by (C II) are co-extensive over tens of parsecs can only be explained by a highly fragmented structure of the interstellar medium which allows UV radiation to penetrate deep into the molecular cloud. Clumpiness is also the key to understanding the extremely high (C II)/CO line intensity ratios.
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