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Paper: The distribution of warm dust in the star forming region Cepheus A: Infrared constraints
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 263
Authors: Colome, Cecilia; Harvey, Paul M.
Abstract: We have obtained new, high angular resolution far-infrared (FIR) maps (at 50 and 100 microns) of the star forming region Cepheus A and polarimetric images (1.65 and 2.2 microns) of the reflection nebulosity, IRS6, associated with this young stellar object. Our results are consistent with current star formation theories: a young stellar object surrounded by an infalling envelope with a characteristic density distribution of nd(r) proportional to r-1.5, a circumstellar disk, and a cavity (Ri approx. 0.07 pc) in which nd is constant, created by the dispersal of the initial dust cloud by a strong stellar wind.
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