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Paper: The envelopes around young stellar objects: What can far-infared observations tell us?
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 235
Authors: Butner, H. M.; Moriarty-Schieven, G. H.; Ressler, M. E.; Werner, Michael W.
Abstract: High resolution, far-infrared spatial observations offer a way to probe the density structure of the envelopes around young stellar objects, and thus provide a test of star formation theories. As part of a long term program, we are using the Kuiper Airborne Observatory with the Yerkes Far-Infrared Camera system to study the far-infrared emission (60, 100, 160, and 200 microns) from a number of low mass embedded objects in Taurus. By comparing the observations with the results of radiative transfer models, we are able to estimate the envelope density distribution around these systems. We present our initial results for 4 embedded objects (L1551-IRS 5, L1489-IR, L1551-NE, and L1527-IR).
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