Title: Confrontation Between Stellar Pulsation and Evolution
Volume: 11 Year: 1990 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Cacciari, Carla; Clementini, Gisella
ISBN: 0-937707-30-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-347-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Horizontal-branch stellar evolution 1 Sweigart, Allen V.
The RR Lyrae 11 Rood, Robert T.
Observational tests for stellar evolution and pulsation theory - The Sandage period-shift effect 22 Caputo, Filippina
On the origin of the Oosterhoff period dichotomy 26 Lee, Young-Wook; Zinn, Robert
Alternative evolutionary approaches to the absolute magnitude of the RR Lyrae variables 31 Fusi Pecci, Flavio; Cacciari, Carla; Buonanno, Roberto
How infrared observations of RR Lyrae stars enhance their usefulness in distance and pulsation studies 36 Longmore, Andrew J.; Dixon, Richard I.; Buckley, David R. V.
A Revised AS Calibration for Field RR Lyrae Stars 42 Clementini, G.; Tosi, M.; Merighi, R.; Maceroni, C.
Thermal Pulses in HB Stars Induced by Particle Dark Matter 46 Raffelt, G.; Dearborn, D.; Salati, P.; Silk, J.
Radius- and gravity variations of AI Velorum 50 Walraven, Th.; Walraven-Terlinden, J. H.
Cepheids of the disk and halo 56 Wallerstein, George
SX Phoenicis stars 64 Nemec, James; Mateo, Mario
Variable stars in the Northeast Arm/Inner Halo region of the Small Magellanic Cloud 86 Smith, Horace A.; Baird, Scott R.; Graham, John A.
Variable blue straggler stars in NGC 5466 90 Harris, Hugh C.; Mateo, Mario; Olszewski, Edward W.; Nemec, James M.
Equations of state and bump Cepheids 95 Kanbur, Shashi
Current Status of the Opacity Project 99 Mihalas, D.
Light and color curves of RR Lyrae stars predicted by simple models 101 Grieco, Andrea; Antonello, Elio
New results from synthetic horizontal branches (SHBs) 105 Quarta, Maria Lucia; Catelan, Marcio
The Baade-Wesselink Method Applied to the Field RR Lyrae Stars UU Cet, W Thc and V Ind 109 Clementini, G.; Cacciari, C.
Period analysis of double mode RR Lyrae variables in M15 112 Jurcsik, Johanna; Barlai, Katalin
Improvements of the CORS method - Radii and masses of RR Lyrae stars 116 Cucurachi, M.; Barone, F.; di Fiore, L.; Milano, L.; Russo, G.
A Survey for RR Lyrae Variables in the LMC 120 Reid, N.; Freedman, W.
Tests of Metallicity for RR Lyr, SX Phe and High Amplitude 6 SCT Stars 124 Rodriguez, E.; Rolland, A.; Lopez de Coca, P.; Garrido, R.
HD 52961 - A pulsating post-AGB-star with extremely low metal content 125 Waelkens, C.; Van Winckel, H.; Bogaert, E.
Ultraviolet studies of RU Cam 128 Teays, Terry J.
The Variable Star System of the Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy 131 Goldsmith, C. G.
Pulsation in population II giants 133 Dupree, A. K.; Hartmann, L.
Time-Dependent Turbulent Convection 137 Fernandes, M. G. O.
Pulsation of the homogeneous adiabatic stellar models 141 Kovacs, Geza
Nonlinear coupling models of variable stars 145 Tanaka, Y.; Seya, K.; Takeuti, M.
The RR Lyraes in the Outlying LMC Cluster NGC 1841 149 Walker, A. R.
Oxygen-enhanced horizontal branch models and RR Lyrae pulsation 150 Dorman, Ben
Helium evaluation by statistical modelling of the horizontal branches in galactic globulars 154 Bono, G.; Fulle, M.; Pulone, L.
The evolution of the Cepheid stars 158 Chiosi, Cesare
Cepheids - Toward a consensus? 193 Simon, Norman R.
First overtone mode pulsation of Cepheids 209 Antonello, Elio; Poretti, Ennio; Reduzzi, Luca
Progress Report on a Survey for Cepheids in Magellanic Cloud Clusters 214 Mateo, M.; Olszewski, E. W.; Madore, B. F.
F-G Supergiants as Distance Indicators : E(B - V) and M from nvbyBeta Photometry 218 Arellano Ferro, A.; Parrao, L.
The MV - W(0/7774) Relationship for F-G Stars from High Resolution Data 219 Arellano Ferro, A.; Giridhar, S.; Goswami, A.
Abundance Analysis of the Long Period Southern Cepheid RZ Velorum 220 Giridhar, S.; Arellano Ferro, A.; Goswami, A.
The Period-Luminosity Relation from the Distances of 101 Cepheid Variables 221 Barnes, T. G., III; Gieren, W. P.; Moffett, T. J.
On the Binary Status of the Cepheid SV Persei 222 Gieren, W. P.; Brieva, E.
Line Proffle Variations in Some Southern Cepheids 223 Cottrell, P. L.; Clark, M.; Albrow, M. D.; Wallerstein, G.
Classical Cepheids with Blue Companions 224 Evans, N. R.
Y Ophiuchi Revisited 225 Fernie, J. D.
Effects of rotation in Cepheids 226 Kovacs, Geza; Buchler, J. Robert
Possible Evidence of Mass Loss in the Population I Instability Strip 230 Pasinetti Fracassini, L. E.; Pastori, L.; Schmidt, E. G.; Teays, T. J.
The Evolutionary Period-Changes of Classical Cepheids and the Chemical Evolution of LMC 232 Takeuti, M.; Saitou, M.
NGC1866: New Variables, New Constraints on the Instability Strip 233 Welch, D. L.; Mateo, M.; Cote, P.; Madore, B. F.
Beta Cephei stars - The instability strip and evolutionary state 236 Sterken, C.; Jerzykiewicz, M.
The new population I B-type variables 245 Balona, L. A.
Slowly pulsating B stars 258 Waelkens, C.; Heynderickx, D.; Degryse, K.; Smeyers, P.
Delta Scuti stars and stellar evolution 263 Breger, Michel
Mode lifetimes and transient modes in rapidly oscillating AP stars 275 Kurtz, D. W.
Nonlinear effect in stellar pulsation 279 Takeuti, Mine
Pulsation in differentially rotating stars 283 Sreenivasan, S. R.
Photometric Determination of Pulsation Modes in P Cephei Stars 287 Heynderickx, D.
Line Proffle Variations in P Cephei Stars 290 Aerts, C.; Balona, L. A.; Waelkens, C.
Pulsations of B Star Models by an Opacity Mechanism 293 Cox, A. N.; Morgan, S. M.
Peculiar Photometric Behaviour of the P Cephei Suspect 53 PISCIUM 297 Jerzykiewicz, M.; Sterken, C.
Pulsation of supergiant stars 300 Schaller, Gerard
On the vibrational instability of Wolf-Rayet stars 304 Schaller, Gerard
The object 4U2206 + 54 - A Be star with aperiodical mass ejections driven by a suspected star pulsation 308 Teodorani, M.; Bartolini, C.; Guarnieri, A.; Piccioni, A.
Delta-Scuti stars in open clusters 312 Frandsen, S.; Kjeldsen, H.
The dwarf Cepheid instability strip 316 McNamara, D. H.; Powell, John M.
Nonradial pulsations in rapidly rotating Delta Scuti stars 320 Kennelly, E. J.; Walker, G. A. H.; Matthews, J. M.
Frequency analysis of multiperiodic Delta Scuti stars 324 Mantegazza, Luciano; Poretti, Ennio
Rapid Infrared Photometry of Pulsating CP2 Stars: a Measurement of Limb Darkening and a Search for l=2 Modes 328 Matthews, J. M.; Wehlau, W. H.; Walker, G. A. H.
Multi-periodicity of Delta Scuti stars 332 Michel, E.; Chevreton, M.; Belmonte, J. A.; Alvarez, M.; Yang, Jiang Shi
KW 385 - A Delta Scuti type variable 336 Paparo, Margit; Kollath, Zoltan
Search for Possible Chromospheric Activity in the delta Scuti Star o1 ER 340 Pasinetti Fracassini, L. E.; Pastori, L.; Teays, T. J.; Schmidt, E. G.
Possible Correlations between Pulsation, Chromospheric Activity and Rotation in 6 Scuti Stars: 69 Tau 344 Pastori, L.; Pasinetti Fracassini, L. E.; Bestetti, M.
Maia Variables - Revived? 1988 and 1989 Photometry of ET And 348 Kuschnig, R.; Weiss, W. W.; Kreidl, T. J.; Bus, S. J.; Osip, D. J.; Huang, L.; Sareyan, J.-P.; Alvarez, M.; Bedolla, S. G.; Zverko, J.; Ziznovsky, J.; Hempelmann, A.; Panov, K.; Polosukhina, N.; Mironov, A. V.; Kusakin, A. V.; Sterken, Ch.; Belmonte, J. A.; Rogl, J.
The Puzzling AP Star 21 COM 352 Megessier, C.
Mira variables - Pulsation, mass loss and evolution 355 Wood, P. R.
Pulsating red variables 365 Whitelock, Patricia A.
A new approach to the analysis of Mira light curves 379 Mennessier, M. O.; Barthes, D.; Mattei, J. A.
Period doubling and chaos in population I and population II Cepheids 383 Buchler, J. Robert; Moskalik, Pawel
Solar oscillation frequency and solar neutrino predictions 388 Cox, Arthur N.
Mass determination - Methods, accuracies, applications 402 Petersen, J. O.
Nonlinear pulsation masses 412 Davis, Cecil G.
Mass Determination in Globular Cluster RRc Variables 416 Simon, N. R.
More Metal Opacity? What are the Effects? 421 Renzini, Alvio
Models of UU HER stars - Chaotic pulsation with small amplitudes 423 Aikawa, Toshiki
Impact of pulsation on the structure of circumstellar envelopes 427 Heske, Astrid
Dynamical models of dust shells around Mira variables 431 Fleischer, A. J.; Gauger, A.; Sedlmayr, E.; Gail, H.-P.
A Test for the Period-Luminosity Relation for RV Tauri Stars 435 Mantegazza, L.
Atmospheric Motions of the Bright RV Tau Star: R SCT 438 Lebre, A.
Period Changes and Evolution of RV Tauri Stars 442 Percy, J. R.; Sasselov, D. D.; Alfred, A.; Scott, G.
Long-term changes in Mira variables 446 Percy, John R.; Colivas, Ted; Sloan, W. Barry; Mattei, Janet A.
A Period Infrared Luminosity Relation for M Supergiants 450 Jameson, R. F.; Hambly, N. C.
Infrared properties of short period Mira variables 453 Hron, Josef
On the nature of semiregular variables - Their properties in the near infrared and the IRAS-range 457 Kerschbaum, Franz
AAVSO Data Files on Pulsating Stars and Chaos Studies on Three Long Period Variables 461 Mattei, J. A.; Cannizzo, J. K.; Goodings, D. A.
A comparison between observed and theoretical compositions of MS-S-C stars - Trends of Tc-99, Zr-93 and s-process isotopes 464 Busso, M.; Picchio, G.; Gallino, R.; Raiteri, C. M.
Alpha ORI - Evidence for pulsation 468 Dupree, A. K.; Baliunas, S. L.; Hartmann, L.; Guinan, E. F.; Sonneborn, G.
The history of a supergiant variable star in the bulge of M31 472 Rich, R. Michael
Cepheid masses for models with enhanced opacities 477 Morgan, Siobahn M.; Cox, Arthur N.
Mass Determination for High Amplitude 6 SCT Stars 481 Claret, A.; Rodriguez, E.; Rolland, A.; Lopez de Coca, P.
White dwarf mass and composition as functions of the mass of single and binary precursors 483 Iben, Icko, Jr.
White dwarf evolution - Cradle-to-grave constraints via pulsation 494 Kawaler, Steven D.
The mass distribution of DA white dwarfs 513 Bergeron, P.; Saffer, Rex A.; Liebert, James
Nonradial instability strips for post-AGB stars 524 Stanghellini, Letizia; Cox, Arthur N.; Starrfield, Sumner G.
Pulsations of central stars of planetary nebulae 529 Bond, Howard E.; Ciardullo, Robin
Nonlinear pulsations in hot white dwarfs 534 Das, M. K.; Singh, Harinder Pal; Tandon, J. N.
The periodicities of R Coronae Borealis stars and their shells 538 Feast, M. W.
Evolutionary scenarios for R CrB stars 549 Renzini, Alvio
Pulsations of hydrogen-deficient stars 557 Saio, Hideyuki
Pulsations of cool H-deficient carbon stars and their galactic population 566 Lawson, W. A.; Cottrell, P. L.
H-deficient stars - Declines of R Coronae Borealis stars 570 Cottrell, P. L.; Lawson, W. A.
An adiabatic survey of the properties of pulsating DA white dwarfs 574 Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Wesemael, F.; Tassoul, M.
The wavelet looking of pulsating stars 578 Goupil, Marie-Jo; Auvergne, Michel; Baglin, Annie
Pulsations of the white dwarf component in V471 Tauri-like binaries 582 Stanghellini, Letizia; Cox, Arthur N.; Starrfield, Sumner G.
Non-radial Pulsations of the Central Star of the Planetary Nebula IC 418? 586 Włodarczyk, K.
Kappa Effect Pulsational Instability for Hot Extreme Helium Stars 589 Cox, A. N.
New pulsation codes based on finite element techniques 593 Brassard, P.; Pelletier, C.; Fontaine, G.; Wesemael, F.
The Optical Monitors and the Detection of Stellar Microvariability 597 Antonello, E.