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Paper: Long-term changes in Mira variables
Volume: 11, Confrontation Between Stellar Pulsation and Evolution
Page: 446
Authors: Percy, John R.; Colivas, Ted; Sloan, W. Barry; Mattei, Janet A.
Abstract: A database of the dates and magnitudes of maximum and minimum brightness of 391 bright Mira variables compiled from visual observations from 1900 to 1975 is used in the study. Attention is focused on (O-C) diagrams, amplitudes, and mean magnitudes. It is shown that the results of the (O-C)-diagram analysis support the hypothesis that the (O-C) diagrams of most Mira variables are dominated by random cycle-to-cycle period changes. The stars which probably or definitely show long-term changes in maximum, minim, and/or mean magnitude are determined, and it is noted that Mira variables generally have amplitudes which are stable or randomly varying as in the prototype Omicron Cet.
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