Title: The Extragalactic Distance Scale: Proceedings of the ASP 100th Anniversary Symposium
Volume: 4 Year: 1988 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: van den Bergh, Sidney; Pritchet, Christopher J.
ISBN: 0-937707-21-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-340-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Hubble's distance indicators 1 Hodge, Paul W.
The Magellanic Clouds and the Extragalactic Distance Scale 9 Feast, M. W.
Cepheid distances to nearby galaxies 24 Freedman, Wendy L.
Review of the Local Group distance scale 32 Mould, Jeremy
Planetary nebulae as distance indicators 42 Jacoby, George H.; Ciardullo, Robin; Ford, Holland C.
RR Lyrae stars in nearby galaxies 59 Pritchet, C. J.
CCD photometry of Magellanic Cloud RR Lyrae variables 69 Walker, Alistair R.
An update on the velocity dispersions in the Draco and the Ursa Minor dwarf galaxies 71 Olszewski, Edward W.
Distance modulus and rate of novae in M33 73 della Valle, Massimo
Asymptotic giant branch populations in IC1613 and the Sagittarius Dwarf 75 Cook, Kem Holland; Aaronson, Marc
Cepheid variables in the PHOENIX galaxy and IC 5152 77 Caldwell, Nelson; Schommer, Robert
Astrometry and the distance scale 81 Monet, David G.
Calibration of the Cepheid period-luminosity relation 89 Walker, Alistair R.
The brightest stars as distance indicators 103 Humphreys, Roberta M.
Nova expansion parallaxes 114 Cohen, Judith G.
Novae as distance indicators 128 Ford, Holland C.; Ciardullo, Robin
Supernovae and the Hubble constant 146 Branch, David
Giant H II regions as distance indicators 157 Melnick, Jorge
Parallax calibration of the population II main sequence 170 Lutz, Thomas E.; Hanson, Robert B.; van Altena, William F.
Astrometric distances of globular clusters 172 Cudworth, Kyle M.; Peterson, Ruth
Distances to Galactic star clusters containing Cepheids - NGC 7790 174 Mateo, Mario; Madore, Barry
CCD-photometry of open clusters containing Cepheid variables - NGC 7790 176 Romeo, G.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Bonifazi, A.; Tosi, M.
The case for U Carinae as a long-period Cepheid calibrator in a Galactic OB association 178 Turner, David G.
Anomalous Cepheid period-luminosity relationships 180 Nemec, James; Mendes de Oliveira, Claudia; Wehlau, Amelia
A progress report on the RAO binaries-in-clusters program and its relevance for distance scales 182 Milone, E. F.; Schiller, S. J.
Constraints on H(0) from globular clusters 187 Vandenberg, D. A.
Cepheids and bright stars in NGC 3109 201 Sandage, Allan R.; Carlson, George A.
Planetary nebulae in the NGC 3379 group - Testing a new standard candle 203 Ciardullo, Robin; Jacoby, George H.; Ford, Holland C.
CCD I-Band Photometry of Cepheids - Distances to the Galaxies M81 and NGC2403 205 Freedman, W. L.; Madore, B. F.
The discovery of Cepheids variables in sculptor group galaxies 207 Freedman, Wendy L.; Horowitz, I.; Madore, B. F.; Mould, J.; Graham, J.
Resolved stellar populations of luminous stars in dwarf irregular galaxies 209 Ruotsalainen, Robert
A new value for the Hubble constant from the size of the Galactic bulge 211 Terndrup, D. M.
A new technique for determining extragalactic distances 213 Tonry, John L.; Luppino, Gerard A.; Schneider, Donald P.
The NGC 1399 globular cluster system 216 Geisler, Douglas; Forte, Juan Carlos
Novae and supernovae as distance indicators 221 van den Bergh, Sidney
Globular cluster systems as distance indicators 231 Harris, William E.
On infall into the Virgo cluster 257 Huchra, John P.
The distance of the Virgo cluster - A review 282 Tammann, G. A.
The Distances to the Virgo and Ursa-Major Clusters and a Determination of H/0 298 Pierce, M. J.
Calibration of the CCD Tully-Fisher relation 300 Willick, Jeffrey A.
Globular Clusters in M104 NGC4594 as Distance Indicators 302 Bridges, T. J.; Hanes, D. A.
The use of giant extragalactic HII regions as distance indicator - New results from a catalog of HII regions in the galaxy NGC 4321 303 Arsenault, R.; Boulesteix, J.; Georgelin, Y.; Roy, J.-R.
On best distance estimators and galaxy streaming 307 Lynden-Bell, D.; Burstein, David; Davies, Roger L.; Dressler, Alan; Faber, S. M.
Effect of the local velocity anomaly on the Hubble constant 318 Tully, R. Brent
The universality(?) of distance-indicator relations 329 Djorgovski, S.; de Carvalho, R.; Han, M.-S.
Deviations from pure Hubble flow - A review 344 Gunn, James E.
HI Observations in the Hercules Supercluster 361 Freudling, W.; Haynes, M. P.; Giovanelli, R.
Peculiar motions of the large scale structures in the Southern Hemisphere 363 de Carvalho, Reinaldo R.; da Costa, Luiz N.
Toward an Analysis of Bulk Motion from a Large Sample of Spiral Galaxies Using HI and Hα Velocity Widths 366 Corteau, S.; Faber, S. M.
Velocity residuals in the 'Great Attractor' flow field using revised group velocities 368 Nolthenius, R.; Faber, S. M.
The Tully-Fisher relation, dark matter and H(0) 370 Salucci, Paolo; Frenk, Carlos S.
Summary of Distance Determination 375 van den Bergh, S.