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Paper: CCD photometry of Magellanic Cloud RR Lyrae variables
Volume: 4, The Extragalactic Distance Scale: Proceedings of the ASP 100th Anniversary Symposium
Page: 69
Authors: Walker, Alistair R.
Abstract: CCD light curves for the RR Lyr variables in the Magellanic cloud clusters NGC 121, 1786, 2210, and 2257 show that the stars have a mean magnitude of 19.02 when corrected to the LMC center. If the LMC Cepheid modulus of 18.47 mag is correct, then RR Lyrs with Fe/H of about -2 have Mv = 0.55. The difference between the LMC and SMC moduli found from the RR Lyrs is consistent with the variation of horizontal-branch luminosity with metallicity shown by the recent Yale models.
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