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Paper: On infall into the Virgo cluster
Volume: 4, The Extragalactic Distance Scale: Proceedings of the ASP 100th Anniversary Symposium
Page: 257
Authors: Huchra, John P.
Abstract: The history of the study of the Galaxy's motion with respect to the Local Supercluster is reviewed. Direct measurements of the infall pattern suggest an infall component at the Local Group of about 250 km/s. This value is consistent with that expected if the average mass-to-light ratio of galaxies is similar to that dynamically measured in galaxy clusters, a value that gives an Omega of only about 0.3. The infall pattern is also consistent with galaxy density maps produced by IRAS surveys, although it may be only marginally consistent with the 'Great Attractor'. On smaller scales, there is strong evidence that most of the spiral galaxies near the cluster core are still falling in. Using the best distance estimates to the Virgo cluster, the local value of the Hubble constant is about 85 km/s/Mpc.
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