Title: AGN Variability from X-Rays to Radio Waves
Volume: 360 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gaskell, C. Martin; McHardy, Ian M.; Peterson, Bradley M.; Sergeev, Sergey G.
The emission produced by accretion onto supermassive black holes in AGN dominates the overall emission of the universe over almost all of the electromagnetic spectrum, particularly in the far UV and soft X-ray regions where the power from most AGN peaks. The emission from AGN can vary on timescales as short as a few minutes, implying extremely small emission regions. However, as yet, we know little about the structure of these emission regions, about the mechanisms by which the emission is produced or about the relationship between emission in different wavebands. For example, does varying X-ray emission drive variability in the optical band and, if so, why? The study of variability is therefore crucial to our understanding of the true nature of AGN and hence has become one of the major areas of international research and collaboration.

The meeting “AGN Variability from X-rays to Radio Waves“ brought together researchers from around the world to consider the nature, causes, and many implications of AGN variability.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 360 Cover Gaskell, C.M.; McHardy, I.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Sergeev, S.G.
Front Matter   
Volume 360 Front Matter 1 Gaskell, C.M.; McHardy, I.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Sergeev, S.G.
Conference Photo   
Volume 360 Conference Photograph 2 Gaskell, C.M.; McHardy, I.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Sergeev, S.G.
Part 1.
Optical Variability
Optical and UV Variability of AGNs 3 Lyuty, V.M.
Determination of Lags Between Variations in the B, V , R, and I Bands in Active Galactic Nuclei 13 Sergeev, S.G.; Doroshenko, V.T.; Golubinskiy, Yu.V.; Merkulova, N.I.; Sergeeva, E.A.
Comparison of Photometric Characteristics from UBVRI Light Curves of the Seyfert Galaxies NGC 1275, NGC 4151, NGC 5548, and NGC 7469 17 Merkulova, N.I.
The Timescale of AGN Variations and the Structure of the Accretion Disk 23 Hawkins, M.R.S.
Long-Term Optical Quasar Variability 29 de Vries, W.H.; Becker, R.H.; White, R.L.
Redshift Dependence of QSO Spectral Variability 33 Vagnetti, F.; Trevese, D.
An Optical Variability Study of Quasars Using the MACHO Light Curves 37 Magdis, G.; Papadakis, I.E.
Optical Variability of the Three Brightest Nearby Quasars 41 Gaskell, C.M.; Benker, A.J.; Campbell, J.S.; George, T.A.; Hedrick, C.H.; Hiller, M.E.; Klimek, E.S.; Leonard, J.P.; Masatoshi, S.; Peterson, B.W.; Peterson, K.C.; Sanders, K.M.
Optical Continuum and Line Variability of NLS1s 45 Klimek, E.S.; Gaskell, C.M.; Hedrick, C.H.
Photometric Behavior of the Seyfert Galaxy Mrk 335 in the Optical Region in 1995-2004 49 Doroshenko, V.T.; Sergeev, S.G.; Merkulova, N.I.; Sergeeva, E.A.; Golubinsky, Yu.V.
Rapid Variability of Serendipitously Discovered Very Low-Luminosity AGNs and Implications for Accretion Disk Theory 55 Totani, T.; Oda, T.; Sumi, T.; Kosugi, G.; Yasuda, N.; Doi, M.
Fast Optical Photometry of Galaxies: Observations of Short-Lived Flare Events 61 Zhilyaev, B.E.; Romanyuk, Ya.O.; Verlyuk, I.A.; Svyatogorov, O.A.; Petrov, M.I.; Lovkaya, M.N.
UBVRI Linear Polarimetry of the Nucleus of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4151 at Maximum and Minimum Light 65 Merkulova, N.I.; Shakhovskoy, N.M.
BVRI CCD Photometry of Comparison Stars in the Fields of 44 Active Galaxies 69 Doroshenko, V.T.; Sergeev, S.G.; Merkulova, N.I.; Sergeeva, E.A.; Golubinsky, Yu.V.; Pronik, V.I.
Part 2.
IR Variability
On the Correlation of Near Infrared and Optical Variability in NGC 4151 75 Oknyanskij, V.L.; Lyuty, V.M.; Taranova, O.G.; Shenavrin, V.I.
The Inner Size of the Dust Torus in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 4151 79 Minezaki, T.; Yoshii, Y.; Aoki, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Suganuma, M.; Enya, K.; Tomita, H.; Peterson, B.A.
Part 3.
X-Ray Variability
The AGN/X-Ray Binary Connection 85 McHardy, I.; Uttley, P.; Taylor, R.; Papadakis, I.
The Scaling of X-ray Variability with Black Hole Mass in AGNs 97 Papadakis, I.E.
The Relationship Between Optical and X-ray Variability in Seyfert Galaxies 101 Uttley, P.
Optical and X-ray Variability of AGNs 111 Gaskell, C.M.
Multidimensional Analysis of X-ray Variability of AGNs 119 Halevin, A.V.
The X-ray Variability Properties of PG Quasars: XMM-Newton Results 123 Guainazzi, M.; Jimenez-Bailon, E.; Piconcelli, E.
Correlated X-ray to UV Variability in MCG—6-30-15 127 Arevalo, P.; Papadakis, I.; Kuhlbrodt, B.; Brinkmann, W.
Part 4.
Radio Variability
RT-22 CrAO Long-Term Monitoring of Extragalactic Radio Sources at 22 and 37 Ghz 133 Volvach, A.E.
Strong Long-Term Variability of RATAN-600 1–22 GHz Instantaneous Radio Spectra of 200 AGNs in 1997–2003 137 Kovalev, Yu.A.; Kovalev, Yu.Y.
Studies of Low- and High-Frequency Variability of Selected Radio Sources 141 Volvach, A.; Ryabov, M.
Research on Active Galactic Nuclei with the Low-Frequency VLBI 145 Volvach, A.; Pushkarev, A.; Molotov, I.; Tuccari, G.; Hong, X.; Dougherty, S.
Multi-Frequency Long-Term Radio Variability and the Milliarcsecond Structure of the High-Redshift Quasar OH471 149 Volvach, A.E.; Kovalev, Yu.Y.
3C 120 and the Disk-Jet Connection 153 Marscher, A.P.; Jorstad, S.G.
The HII Region of 3C 345: Radio Variability and Recombination Lines 157 Matveyenko, L.I.
Part 5.
Very High Energy Gamma Ray Observations of Blazars 165 Neshpor, Yu.I.; Stepanian, A.A.; Fomin, V.P.
X-ray, Optical, and Radio Monitoring of Gamma-Ray Blazars 169 Jorstad, S.G.; Marscher, A.P.; Aller, M.F.; Balonek, T.J.
Photometric and Polarimetric Observations of BL Lac Objects in the Optical Region 173 Kikuchi, S.
The Variations of X-ray/Gamma-Ray Emission from the Blazar H1426+428 177 Fidelis, V.V.
3C 66A: Synchrotron Radiation Strength Variation in 2003 181 Efimov, Y.S.; Primak, N.V.
S5 0716+714: Analysis of Color Variability for 2001–2004 185 Hagen-Thorn, V.A.; Larionov, V.M.; Yefimova, N.V.
Part 6.
Emission-Line Variability
Emission-Line Variability in Active Galactic Nuclei 191 Peterson, B.M.
A New Echo-Mapping Campaign at Intermediate Redshift 201 Trevese, D.; Stirpe, G.; Vagnetti, F.; Zitelli, V.; Paris, D.
Emission Line — Continuum Correlations 207 Sergeev, S.G.
Accretion Disks and the Broad-Line Regions of Active Galactic Nuclei 217 Eracleous, M.
Models and Ideas for the Interpretation of the Variability of Double-Peaked Emission Lines 227 Eracleous, M.; Lewis, K.T.; Bogdanovic, T.; Gezari, S.; Halpern, J.P.
Some Results of Long-Term Spectral Monitoring of NGC 4151, 3C 390.3, and Arp 102B 231 Pronik, V.I.; Sergeev, S.G.
Evolution of the Broad Hα and Hβ Emission-Line Profiles in NGC 5548 239 Shapovalova, A.I.; Burenkov, A.N.; Borisov, N.; Vlasyuk, V.V.; Doroshenko, V.T.; Bochkarev, N.G.; Carrasco, L.; Chavushyan, V.H.; Valdes, J.R.; Collin, S.; Dumont, A.-M.
Flows and Shocks in Seyfert Galaxy Nuclei 245 Pronik, I.
Asymmetry of the Wide Hα Component in the Spectrum of NGC 4151 from 1976 to 1986, and the Outburst in Activity from 1990 to 2000 251 Valiullin, R.R.; Denissyuk, E.D.; Gaisina, V.N.
Analysis of the Broad Emission Line Profiles in the Active Galactic Nuclei 3C 390.3 and NGC 5548 255 Nazarova, L.S.; Bochkarev, N.G.; Gaskell, C.M.; Klimek, E.S.
On the Variability of Markarian 6 259 Khachikian, E.Ye.; Yengibarian, N.B.
Part 7.
General Considerations
The Role of the Accretion Disk in AGN Variability 265 Czerny, B.
X-ray Variability of AGN and the Flare Model 277 Goosmann, R.W.; Czerny, B.; Dumont, A.-M.; Mouchet, M.; Rozanska, A.
Eigenvector 1: The Future HR Diagram for AGNs? 281 Kajdic, P.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Sulentic, J.W.; Marziani, P.
Some Thoughts on AGN Variability 285 Bochkarev, N.G.
Back Matter   
Volume 360 Back Matter 291 Gaskell, C.M.; McHardy, I.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Sergeev, S.G.
Volume 360 Photographs 999 Gaskell, C.M.; McHardy, I.M.; Peterson, B.M.; Sergeev, S.G.