Title: Celebrating the 2017 Great American Eclipse: Lessons Learned from the Path of Totality
Volume: 516 Year: 2019 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sanlyn Buxner, Linda Shore, and Joseph Jensen
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Front Matter   
Volume Cover
Front Matter 1
The Great American Eclipse Posters 3 Nordgren, T.
Stories from the Field: Expeditions and Public Engagement   
Partially Prepared: Large-Scale Eclipse Education 5 Edson, S. E.
Chicago Looks Up: Eclipse Excitement from Outside the Path of Totality 15 Nichols, M.; Vedder, A.; Cole, S.
Eclipse 2017 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale 23 Baer, R.
2017 Eclipse Over Houston 35 Shaner, A.; Shupla, C.; Hackler, A.; Kay, J.; Stopar, J.; McPhee, J.
Organizing Viewing of the 2017 Solar Eclipse for the Joliet Junior College Community 43 Dcruz, N. L.
Eclipse at Austin Peay State University: Lessons Learned 53 Smith, J. A.; Buckner, S. L.; Gaither, B.; Sudbrink, D. L. Jr.; Pugh, C.; Wright, A.; Meisch, K.; Bailey, K.; Oelgoetz, J.
Utah Valley University's Eclipse Events 59 Jensen, J. B.; Murphy, J.
2017 Carolinas Solar Eclipse Party and Suggestions for Future Statewide Astronomy Outreach 71 Sayle, A. E.; Sorrell, M. J.; Frederick, J.
Community Based Solar Eclipse Outreach in Rural Appalachia 77 Keesee, A. M.; Williamson, K.; Robertson-Honecker, J.
Community Away from Totality 85 Gross, N.; Holmes, R. M.; Friedman, D.
Science Outreach During Solar Eclipses in the Caribbean 93 Lebrón-Santos, M. E.; Pantoja, C. A.
The Air Force Academy's Trip to Guernsey, Wyoming to View the 2017 Great American Eclipse 99 Carlson, R. E.; Chun, S. S.; Della-Rose, D. J.; Maddocks, S. C.; Smith, B. A.
In The Shadow of the Moon: Planning an Eclipse Expedition 107 Stevenson, A. T.; Wernicke, L. J.
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Expeditions of Colorado State University: STEM Outreach 115 Craine, E. R.; Culver, R. B.; DeBenedetti, J. C.; Ferguson, S.; Hardegree-Ullman, E.; Jones, B.; Michalak, H.; Pearlstein, A.
Chasing Real-World Community 131 Gay, P. L.; Murph, S. M.
The Ring 137 Smyth, B.
The Great American Total Solar Eclipse from an Informal Educator's Perspective 139 Carty, M.
A Dark and Sunny Day 145 Illig, L. U.
Equal Opportunity Eclipse 153 Cudworth, C.
Experiences with Schools and Libraries   
“I am a Scientist”: A Pre-K Class Explores the 2017 Solar Eclipse 161 Lowry; A.
Pre-Eclipse Outreach for Children: The Adventures of BB the Eclipse Chasing Rabbit 173 Larsen, K.
Right Place, Right Time, Right Size—Engaging Eclipse Activities for Elementary Students 177 Swanson, B.
Eclipse Over the Bluegrass 183 Wellington, T. M.
The Big Eclipse: How the 2017 Eclipse Inspired Youth to Create, Dream, and Learn 191 Cuyler, E.
Supporting Under-represented High School Students in Facilitating Solar Eclipse Outreach in Collaboration with Solar Physics Experts 197 Raftery, C. L.; Brown, Z.; Williams, J.; Ben, T.; Solano, E.; Olmos-García, D.; Rachmeler, L.; Weber, M.
Working on Eclipse Outreach in 2017 with Libraries, Organizations, and the Media in the San Francisco Bay Area 205 Fraknoi, A.
Eclipse Education at Rural Libraries 211 Heasley, J.
Eclipse Support and Resources for the Future   
Shining a Light on Communities Within the Shadow 221 Russo, K.
A Just-In-Time Strategy for Sharing Eclipse Viewing InformationThe Surprise Success of Facebook Live for Sharing Safe Viewing Alternatives to Solar Eclipse Glasses 229 Zych, A.
Nationwide Eclipse Education via Monthly Webcasts 237 Raftery, C. L.; Brown, Z.
Eclipse 2017 in Libraries: The Impact of Providing 2.1 Million Eclipse Glasses and Support to 7,100 Libraries Nationwide 241 Fraknoi, A.; Schatz, D.; Duncan, D.; Dusenbery, P.; Holland, A.; LaConte, K.; Mosshammer, G.
U.S. Naval Observatory Eclipse Resources: Planning Ahead for April 2024 251 Bartlett, J. L.; Frouard, M. R. C.; Bell, S.; Stollberg, M.; Barron, E.
The Free App “Totality by Big Kid Science”: Created for the 2017 Eclipse And Ready for the Future 259 Bennett, J.
Transportation Planning and Preparation for 2017 Solar Eclipse 269 Parvinashtiani, N.; Hopps, A.; Radow, L.
Semi-automatic Olympus Camera Control and Eclipse Simulation Software Reduce Workload During the Eclipse 277 Scheuch, G. C.
Eclipse Products, Programs, and Lessons Learned   
Eclipse 2017: Through the Eyes of NASA 287 Young, C. A.; Debebe, A.; Cline, T.; Lewis, E.; Mayo, L.; Ng, C.; Odenwald, S.; Reed, S.; Sasser, L.; Stephenson, B.
Connecting the Great American Eclipse to NASA Astrophysics 307 Lawton, B.; Smith, D.; Squires, G.; Biferno, A.; Lestition, K.; Cominsky, L.; Rhue II, T.; Slivinski, C.; Godfrey, J.; Arcand, K.; Dussault, M.; Winter III, H. D.
Engaging Museum and Science Center Audiences Across the United States During the 2017 Solar Eclipse 313 McCarthy, C.; Jackson, A.
Total Eclipse of the Ballpark: NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Team's Partnership with Minor League Baseball 321 Wasser, M.; Jones, A.; Petro, N.; Bleacher, L.
Education and Outreach About Science at the 2017 Eclipse 331 Pasachoff, J. M.
Eclipse Megamovie 2017 Successes and Potential For Future Work 337 Peticolas, L.; Hudson, H.; Johnson, C.; Zevin, D.; White, V.; Oliveros, J. C. M.; Ruderman, I.; Koh, J.; Konerding, D.; Bender, M.; Cable, C.; Kruse, B.; Yan, D.; Krista, L.; Collier, B.; Fraknoi, A.; Pasachoff, J. M.; Filippenko, A. V.; Mendez, B.; McIntosh, S. W.; Filippenko, N. L.
Eclipse Ballooning Project Live Streaming Activity: Overview, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned 353 Des Jardins, A. C.; Mayer-Gawlik, S.; Larimer, R.; Knighton, W. B.; Fowler, J.; Ross, D.; Koehler, C.; Guzik, T. G.; Granger, D.; Flaten, J.; Grimberg, B. I.
See You in the Shadow: A National Parks and NASA Collaboration 365 Davis, A.; Cook, S.; Engler, M.; Jones, A.; Melena, S.; Olson, J. G.; Paglierani, R.
What the American Astronomical Society Learned from the “Great American Eclipse” 391 Fienberg, R. T.
Preliminary Results: AWB's Building on the Eclipse Program 399 Bartolone, L.; Simmons, M.; Nelson, A.; Kruse, B.
Audience Responses to Viewing the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse 405 Noel-Storr, J.
Eclipse Science   
A Simple Model of the Global Horizontal Irradiance During a Total Solar Eclipse 413 Peterson, J.; Vignola, F.
Effects of the Great American Eclipse on Weather Phenomena Across the Contiguous United States 421 Papol, A.
Solar Eclipse Shadow Changes: The Phenomena of Sharp and Fuzzy Shadows 427 Telepun, G. M.
Qualitative Shadow Band Observations from Three Sites in the Southeast 437 Telepun, G.; Gallagher, D.; Adams, M.; Stahl, H. P.
Diffraction and Superposition with Leafy Trees During Partial Solar Eclipses 453 Montgomery, M. M.; Allen, B.; Eberly, M.; Carpenter Jr., J.
Incorporating Students into Investigations of the Effects of Solar Eclipse Totality on Biological Organisms 457 Sudbrink Jr., D. L.; Mills, R.; Moore, R.; Rendleman, E.
Life Responds: Citizen Science to Document Behavior Changes in Plants and Animals During the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 463 Young, A. N.; Johnson, R. F.; Ricard, E.; Wyatt, R.
Birds, Bees—and Cookies? Great Plains Bioclimatology Observations during the Total Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 473 Heywood, N. C.; Zellmer, P.; Reser, R.
Viewing the Eclipse from 109,000 Feet and the Road to Get There 485 Sibbernsen, K.; Sibbernsen, M.
High Altitude Ballooning Using Amateur Equipment: A Primer 491 McCracken, M.; Critchlow, D.; Hill, Z.; Sencabaugh, M.; Robertson, J.; Gaither, B.; Oelgoetz, J.
Validation of GLOBE Citizen Science Air Temperature Observations Using Data from the Great American Solar Eclipse 501 Rahman, I. u.; Czajkowski, K.; Jiang, Y.; Weaver, K.
How Cool Was the Eclipse? Collecting Earth Science Data With Citizen Scientists and GLOBE Observer 511 Weaver, K.; Kohl, H.; Martin, A.; Burdick, A.
Back Matter 525