Title: Cosmic Flows 1999: Towards an Understanding of Large-Scale Structures
Volume: 201 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Courteau, Stephane; Willick, Jeffrey
ISBN: 1-58381-028-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-537-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Questions and Controversies in the Measurement and Interpretation of Large-Scale Flows 3 Strauss, M. A.
First Results from the Shellflow Survey 17 Courteau, S.; Willick, J. A.; Strauss, M. A.; Schlegel, D.; Postman, M.
The Convergence Depth of the Local Peculiar Velocity Field 25 Dale, D. A.; Giovanelli, R.
Bulk-flow and βI from the SMAC Project 39 Smith, R. J.; Hudson, M. J.; Lucey, J. R.; Schlegel, D. J.; Davies, R. L.
The LCO / Palomar 10,000 km s-1 Cluster Survey 46 Willick, J. A.
EFAR Peculiar Velocities and Bulk Motions 54 Colless, M.; Saglia, R. P.; Burstein, D.; Davies, R. L.; McMahan, R. K.; Wegner, G.
The Nearby Early-type Galaxies Survey (ENEAR): Project Description and Some Preliminary Results 62 Wegner, G.; da Costa, L. N.; Alonso, M. V.; Bernardi, M.; Wilmer, C. N. A.; Pellegrini, P. S.; Rité, C.; Maia, M.
The SBF Survey: First Results on Large-Scale Flows 70 Tonry, J. L.; Dressler, A.; Blakeslee, J. P.; Ajhar, E. A.
Peculiar Velocities from Type Ia Supernovae 80 Riess, A. G.
The Mount Stromlo A bell Cluster Supernova Search 84 Germany, L. M.; Reiss, D. J.; Schmidt, B. P.; Stubbs, C. W.
The Core of the Great Attractor 88 Woudt, P. A.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Fairall, A. P.
Data and Analysis of a Large Sample of Early-Type Galaxies and The Fundamental Plane of Nearby Clusters 92 Gibbons, R. A.; Fruchter, A. S.; Bothun, G. D.
The 2MASS Redshift Survey 96 Huchra, J. P.
Near-Infrared Galaxy Surveys in 2D, 3D & 4D 103 Mamon, G. A.
Mass of the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster and the Tolman-Bondi Model 107 Hanski, M. O.; Teerikorpi, P.; Ekholm, T.
Cosmological Constraints on X-ray Cluster Evolution 111 Voit, G. M.; Donahue, M.
The Hubble Constant from the HST Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale 117 Ferrarese, L.; The HST Key Project Team
The Calibration of the Tully-Fisher Relations and the Value of Hubble Constant 129 Sakai, S.; Mould, J. R.; Huchra, J. P.; Hughes, S.; Macri, L. M.; Kennicutt, R. C., Jr.
Inter-Correlation of Errors in the Tully-Fisher Relation 134 Rhee, M.-H.
A Robust Method for Measuring the Hubble Parameter 138 Hendry, M. A.; Rauzy, S.
Calibration of Near-IR Surface Brightness Fluctuations for Cosmological Distance Measurements 142 Liu, M. C.; Graham, J. R.; Charlot, S.
X-ray Clusters and the Search for Cosmic Flows 146 Lynam, P. D.; Collins, C. A.; James, P. A.; Böhringer, H.; Neumann, D. M.
Cluster Distances: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 150 Lucey, J. R.; Smith, R. J.; Hudson, M. J.; Schlegel, D. J.; Davies, R. L.
Are Recent Peculiar Velocity Surveys Consistent? 159 Hudson, M. J.; Colless, M.; Dressler, A.; Giovanelli, R.
The Structure of the Local Universe and the Coldness of the Cosmic Flow 169 van de Weygaert, R.; Hoffman, Y.
A Re-Examination of the Origins of the Peculiar Velocity Field Within the Local Supercluster 178 Burstein, D.
A New Object-Weighted Measure of the Small-Scale Velocity Dispersion 186 Baker, J. E.; Davis, M.
A New Estimator of Ω 194 Juszkiewicz, R.; Ferrieira, P.; Davis, M.; Durrer, R.; Feldman, H.; Jaffe, A.; Springel, V.
Potent Reconstruction from Mark III Velocities 205 Kolatt, T.; Dekel, A.; Eldar, A.; Yahil, A.; Willick, J. A.; Faber, S. M.; Courteau, S.; Burstein, D.
Eigenmode Analysis of Radial Velocities 215 Hoffman, Y.
The IRAS Point Source Catalog Redshift (PSCz) Survey 223 Saunders, W.; Oliver, S.; Keeble, O.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Maddox, S.; McMahon, R.; Efstathiou, G.; Sutherland, W.; Tadros, H.; White, S. D. M.; Frenk, C. S.
Density and Velocity Fields from the PSCz Survey 228 Saunders, W.; Collaborators
The Behind The Plane Survey 237 Saunders, W.; D'Mellow, K.; Tully, R. B.; Mobasher, B.; Maddox, S.; Sutherland, W.; Carrasco, E.; Clements, D.; Staveley-Smith, L.
PSCz 1. 2 Jy Comparison: A Spherical Harmonics Approach 242 Teodoro, L.; Branchini, E.; Frenk, C. S.; Saunders, W.; Oliver, S.; Keeble, O.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Maddox, S.; Efstathiou, G.; Sutherland, W.; Tadros, H.; White, S. D. M.
Reconstructing PSCz with a Generalized PIZA 246 Valentine, H. E. M.; Saunders, W.; Taylor, A.
Reconstruction Analysis of the PSCz Survey 250 Narayanan, V. K.; Weinberg, D. H.; Branchini, E.; Frenk, C. S.
Comparing the SBF Survey Velocity Field with the Gravity Field from Redshift Surveys 254 Blakeslee, J. P.; Davis, M.; Tonry, J. L.; Ajhar, E. A.; Dressler, A.
Cosmological Parameters and Power Spectrum from Peculiar Velocities 262 Zehavi, I.; Dekel, A.
What is β? 270 Berlind, A. A.; Narayanan, V. K.; Weinberg, D. H.
What Can We Learn from 1. 2Jy IRAS Fluxes? 274 Rauzy, S.; Hendry, M. A.
Statistical Characteristics of Large Scale Matter Distributions 278 Doroshkevich, A.; Demiański, M.; Müller, V.; Fong, R.
Using Perturbative Least Action to Run N-Body Simulations Back in Time 282 Goldberg, D. M.; Spergel, D. N.
Large-scale Motions in the Universe: Observations and Simulations 286 Gudehus, D. H.
Redshift Surveys and the Value of Ω 291 Feldman, H. A.; Melott, A. L.
Generalising the Inverse Redshift-Space Operator: Vorticity in Redshift-Space 298 D'Mellow, K. J.; Taylor, A. N.
Bulk Motions in Large-Scale Void Models 302 Tomita, K.
Redshift-Space Density versus Real-Space Velocity Comparison 306 Chodorowski, M. J.
Peculiar Velocities from the Nonlinear Density Field 310 Kudlicki, A.; Chodorowski, M. J.; Plewa, T.; Rózyczka, M.
The NOG Sample: Galaxy Systems and 3D Galaxy Density 314 Marinoni, C.; Giuricin, G.; Ceriani, L.; Pisani, A.
Reconstructions Methods and the Value of β 321 Willick, J. A.; Davis, M.; Dekel, A.; Shaya, E.
Nonlinear and Stochastic Morphological Segregation 329 Blanton, M.
A Nonlinear and Biased View of Dark Matters 337 Sheth, R. K.
Spatial and Velocity Biases 344 Klypin, A.; Kravtsov, A.; Colín, P.
Mass-to-Light Ratio Measurements of Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters using the Numerical Action Method 352 Shaya, E.; Peebles, P. J. E.; Phelps, S.; Tully, R. B.
Measuring a Non-Linear Galaxy Biasing Function 360 Sigad, Y.; Dekel, A.; Branchini, E.
Stochastic Biasing in the Reconstruction of the Large-Scale Structure 364 Seto, N.
Galaxy Biasing 371 Strauss, M. A.; Frenk, C. S.; Matarrese, S.; Pen, U.-L.
Testing Homogeneity on Large Scales 377 Lahav, O.
Status of Cosmology 389 Primack, J. R.
Cosmic Glows: A CMB Review 403 Scott, D.
Cosmic Flows 1999: Conference Summary 420 Dekel, A.
Photo Gallery 439 N/A