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Paper: What Can We Learn from 1. 2Jy IRAS Fluxes?
Volume: 201, Cosmic Flows 1999: Towards an Understanding of Large-Scale Structures
Page: 274
Authors: Rauzy, S.; Hendry, M. A.
Abstract: We present a new method for fitting peculiar velocity models to complete flux limited magnitude-redshifts catalogues, using the luminosity function of the sources as a distance indicator. The method is characterized by its robustness. In particular, no assumptions are made concerning the spatial distribution of sources and their luminosity function. Moreover the inclusion of additional observables, such for example the one carrying the Tully-Fisher information,is straightforward. As an illustration of the method, the predicted IRAS peculiar velocity model is herein tested using the fluxes of the IRAS 1.2 Jy sample as the distance indicator. The results suggest that this model, while successful in reproducing locally the cosmic flow, fails to describe the kinematics on larger scales.
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