Title: Luminous High-Latitude Stars
Volume: 45 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sasselov, Dimitar D.
ISBN: 0-937707-64-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-381-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Stellar Halo 3 Kuijken, K.
Gaseous Halo and High-Velocity Clouds 11 van Woerden, H.
The Nature and Origin of Some High Galactic Latitude Hot Stars 33 Conlon, E. S.
MK Spectra of Apparently Luminous Yellow Stars at High Galactic Latitude 43 Garrison, R. F.; Lopez-Cruz, O.
On the Nature of a Sample of High-Latitude A-G Supergiants 45 Arellano-Ferro, A.; Mendoza, E. E.
A Search for Low-Mass Supergiants - the High C1-STARS 49 Bidelman, W. P.
A Photometric Search for New Uu-Herculis Stars 57 Fernie, J. D.
A Spectroscopic Study of High Galactic Latitude F Supergiant Stars 59 Lopez-Cruz, O.; Garrison, R. F.
Atmospheres and Winds of High-Latitude Supergiants 73 Dupree, A. K.
The Chemical Composition of Luminous High-Latitude Stars 87 Luck, R. E.
Extremely Metal Poor Post-Agb Stars 103 Trams, N. R.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Waelkens, C.
Dust Formation in R-Coronae Stars 115 Whitney, B. A.; Balm, S. P.; Clayton, G. C.
Molecular Observations of Post-Agb Stars 123 Alcolea, J.; Bujarrabal, V.; Planesas, P.
The Velocity Gradient in the Pseudo-Photosphere of the Peculiar Supergiant HD101584 130 Bakker, E. J.
Emission from CH+ in the Red Rectangle 137 Balm, S. P.; Jura, M.
Abundance Analyses of Hot Post-Agb Stars at High Galactic Latitude 146 Conlon, E. S.; McCausland, R. J. H.; Dufton, P. L.; Keenan, F. P.
Dust Envelopes of Post-Agb Stars and Supergiants - a Near Infrared Polarimetric Imaging Survey 151 Kastner, J. H.; Weintraub, D.
Characteristics of Pre-Planetary Nebulae at High and Low Latitudes 159 Likkel, L.; Hekkert, P. Te-Lintel; Chapman, J. M.
Polarimetric Observations of Luminous High-Latitude Stars 167 Nook, M. A.
Post-Agb Candidates 173 Parthasarathy, M.
The Chemical Composition of Post-Agb Stars 185 Garcia-Lario, P.; Parthasarathy, M.; Pottasch, S. R.
Rotational Velocity as a Population Discriminant for A-Stars 195 Peterson, R. C.
Circumstellar Shells around Stars with Supergiant Spectra 203 van der Veen, W.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Trams, N. R.
CAII K Line Profiles of High-Latitude Supergiants 212 Whitney, B. A.; Dupree, A. K.; Zucker, D. B.
Binarity of High-Latitude Supergiants - Observational Evidence 219 Waelkens, C.; Waters, L. B. F. M.
The Influence of Binarity on Highly Evolved Stars of Moderate Mass 231 Eggleton, P. P.
Montecarlo Simulations of the Supernova Ejection Mechanism for the Runaway Stars 239 Leonard, P. J. T.; Dewey, R. J.
Is CPD-61DEG455 a Double-Lined Spectroscopic Binary 244 Tobin, W.
The Variability of Uu-Herculis Stars - Observational Aspects 253 Fernie, J. D.
Pulsations of Uu-Herculis - Theoretical Approach 261 Takeuti, M.
The Rv-Tauri and SRD Variables 270 Wahlgren, G. M.
Longterm Photometric Monitoring of the Yellow Supergiant 89-HERCULIS 285 Donahue, R. A.; Rao, L. M.; Baliunas, S. L.; Dupree, A. K.
Pulsation Properties of Uu-Herculis 290 Ishida, T.; Takeuti, M.
Longterm Changes in Rv-Tauri Stars 295 Percy, J. R.
CAII H and K Variations of a Sample of Hybrid Stars - do Hybrids Pulsate 300 Rao, L. M.; Baliunas, S. L.; Robinson, C. R.; Frazer, J.; Woodard, L.; Donahue, R. A.
Spectroscopic Observations of Luminous High-Latitude Supergiant Stars 309 Tamura, S.; Takeuti, M.
Radial-Velocity Variations of Three Famous High-Latitude Supergiants 318 Waelkens, C.; Mayor, M.
Photometry of Three Rv-Tauri Variables 325 Zsoldos, E.
Double-Mode Pulsation in Semiregular Variables 330 Zsoldos, E.; Sasselov, D. D.
Evolution on the AGB and Beyond 337 Schonberner, D.; Blocker, T.
Circumstellar Properties of High Galactic Latitude Supergiants 348 Kwok, S.
Mechanisms for Ejecting Stars from the Galactic Plane 360 Leonard, P. J. T.
Star Formation via the Phase Transition in Low-Density Gas 365 Christodoulou, D. M.; Sasselov, D. D.; Tohline, J. E.
Preliminary Results of Two Spectroscopic Surveys to Investigate Star Formation in the Galactic Halo 375 Little, E. S.; Conlon, J. E.; Dufton, P. L.; Keenan, F. P.; McCausland, R. J. H.; Holmgren, D.; Kilkenny, D.; Stobie, R. S.; Miller, L.
Recent Star Formation Between the Magellanic Clouds 380 Grondin, L.; Demers, S.
Are Some of the Luminous High-Latitude Stars Accretion-Powered Runaways 386 Leonard, P. J. T.; Hills, J. G.; Dewey, R. J.
Luminous B-Stars in the Palomar-Green Survey 391 Saffer, R. A.
Luminous Stars at High Latitudes - Consequences of Differential Rotation 399 Sreenivasan, S. R.
Some Thoughts on Binarity of Luminous High-Latitude Stars 409 Waters, L. B. F. M.
A Definition for a Binary System 415 Soker, N.