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Paper: Under the Kyrgyz Sky: from Astronomy to Development
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 285
Authors: Gradzka, E.
Abstract: Astronomy outreach used for the purpose of development operates in a complex environment of foreign aid actors, purposes, and forms of application. Working in the field of education, especially informal education, may require one to face critics and reconsider the goals and arguments in favor of and against it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct a basic analysis to gain a general view of the discussion, which should strengthen the success of the projects. Additionally, a different attitude towards projects' aims is offered. We recommend using the Ancient Greek philosophers' idea of theoria, which invites one to look at the world and explore it just for the sake of knowing without focusing solely on the practicality of the activity. This should work well for astronomy as it has a natural potential to make people wonder. This philosophy is the foundation of the “Under the Kyrgyz Sky,” a project prepared to train teachers and establish astronomy clubs in their schools so that pupils could gain new skills, knowledge, and contemplate the beauty of the Universe.
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