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Paper: Kushyar ibn Labban's Scientific Legacy
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 185
Authors: Bagheri, M.
Abstract: Kushyar ibn Labban (Gilani) was an Iranian astronomer and mathematician who lived around 10 centuries ago. Little is known about his life. But his rich scientific legacy has been preserved. They are all composed in Arabic, the lingua franca of his age. He composed an influential treatise on Hindu reckoning, two zijes (collections of astronomical tables with explanations), a treatise on the astrolabe and another on astrology. A major part of his works are edited, translated, and analyzed. His revision of the Ptolemaic interpolation schemes for finding the ecliptical longitudes of the planets are regarded as an important achievement in mathematical astronomy. This paper gives an account of his scientific heritage and the secondary literature. I also displayed a collection of books (editions and translations of his works) and a collection of about 90 posters prepared from about 50 manuscripts of his treatises extant in different libraries and collections of different countries.
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