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Paper: The Scientific Method: An Approach of Developing Cosmology
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 171
Authors: Kahil, M. E.; Hady, A. A.
Abstract: An pedagogical approach to help students understand the development of current theories of cosmology via applications of the scientific method is described in this paper. This method is essentially used to critique ideas and concepts such as science and pseudo-science, soft science and hard science, as well as deterministic and non-deterministic lines of thought. From this perspective, evaluating cosmological theories using the scientific method enables a researcher to suggest new concepts based on the apparent anomalies that are found through meticulous observations. This makes a researcher skeptical of all observed phenomena and motivated to update the methods of experimentation. Accordingly, the need to introduce different mathematical ideas is essential. A good example to illustrate this idea is presented in this paper, which starts by introducing the geocentric model and its defects and progresses all the way to the Big Bang model, which requires a theory that combines elementary particles with large-scale cosmology. One of the most challenging ideas is implementing the concept of geometrization of physics. The work assigned to students, especially at the freshman level, is to appreciate the importance of studying cosmology. One of the advantages of introducing this line of thinking is to connect biology with cosmology in the new field of astrobiology in order to pave the way for comprehending the origin of life.
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