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Paper: Clarification of Unknown Phenomena Using Historical Star Catalogs and Charts
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 163
Authors: Fujiwara, T.; Hirai, M.
Abstract: In all ages, human beings have tried to understand astronomical phenomena to comprehend what the Universe is, where we are in it, and how we relate to it. With the assistance of large telescopes, satellites, and explorers, we are getting closer to understanding the Universe. However, even with instruments using the most advanced technologies, we cannot observe any phenomena that has already passed or has very long-term variability. Historical records can possibly tell us about stars in the past. In order to determine stellar magnitudes during earlier eras and discover unknown phenomena, we referred to historical star catalogs (Ptolemy's Almagest, etc.) and charts kept in libraries all over the world. In this paper, we present historical records of stars and show possible long-term variability and unknown objects found by the analysis of these historical data.
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