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Paper: BAO Plate Archive Heritage
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 117
Authors: Mickaelian, A. M.; Erastova, L. K.; Gyulzadyan, M. V.; Ohanian, G. B.; Gigoyan, K. S.; Mikayelyan, G. A.; Sinamyan, P. K.; Paronyan, G. M.
Abstract: The Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) Plate Archive consists of 37,500 photographic plates and films, obtained with the 2.6 m telescope, the 1 m and 0.5 m Schmidt telescopes, and other smaller telescopes during 1947–1991. Its most important part, the famous Markarian Survey (or the First Byurakan Survey, FBS) 2000 plates were digitized in 2002–2007 and the Digitized FBS (DFBS) was created. New science projects have been conducted based on this low-dispersion spectroscopic survey data. Several other smaller digitization projects have been carried out as well, including digitization of some of the Second Byurakan Survey (SBS) plates, photographic chain plates in Coma, where the blazar ON 231 is located, and 2.6 m film spectra of FBS Blue Stellar Objects. However, most of the plates and films are not digitized. In 2015, we started a project to digitize the whole BAO Plate Archive and its scientific products. It is aimed at digitization, extraction and analysis of archival data and building an electronic database and interactive sky map. The Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO) database will contain all new data. This project is a collaboration with the Armenian Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP) and continued during 4 years in 2015–2018. The final result is an Electronic Database and online Interactive Sky map to be used for further research projects. ArVO will provide all standards and tools for efficient usage of the scientific output and its integration in international databases.
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