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Paper: Jewish Chronology and Astronomy
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 45
Authors: Cohen, A.
Abstract: Is it possible that the Jewish Biblical Year of Creation (BYC), now 5778 years ago according to the Jewish calendar, or 7526 according to the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as other major biblical events, had been carefully chosen to coincide with what were believed to have been major Astronomical events? We first demonstrate how the Sun-Moon conjunctions occurring at the beginning of the Zodiac were calculated based on an ancient modified detailed astronomical set of data included in al-Khwarizmi's treatise on the Jewish calendar. Then we show that all the main biblical events including the BYC, Exodus, and the building of Solomon's Temple, indeed coincide with such conjunctions. Finally, we demonstrate how the detailed evaluation of the biblical chronological data can lead to the individual sizes of the constellations, thus making the Bible one of the earliest and most important sources for the history and heritage of astronomy originating from the Middle-East, in general, and from the land of Israel, in particular.
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