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Paper: Astronomical Heritage of Iran
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 27
Authors: Gheydari, S. N.
Abstract: There exist various astronomical heritage sites in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is noteworthy that between the 9th and 15th centuries AD, around 23 observatories were built in Iran, amongst which the Maragheh observatory was the most prestigious observatory in the world. Maragheh observatory, dating back more than 700 years, had been built on a hill near a city of the same name in the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. This observatory was constructed by Fakhruddin Ahmad Maragheie, the prominent architect of that time under the patronage of the Ilkhanid Hulagu and the directorship of Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi, a Persian scientist and astronomer. Maragheh observatory is known as the largest historic observatory of Iran, and in 1985, it was inscribed in the Iranian National Heritage List. After the death of Khajeh Nasir in 1250, the reputation of observatory gradually declined, and finally in 1298, it was turned into ruins due to powerful earthquakes and neglect of governors.
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