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Paper: The Gaia Mission: Current Status and Spectroscopic Capabilities
Volume: 507, Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Big Questions, Large Surveys, and Wide Fields
Page: 43
Authors: Jordi, C.; Gaia-Barcelona Team; Data Processing and Analysis Consortium; Gaia Science Team
Abstract: Gaia, ESA's astrometric mission designed to perform a 3D mapping of one billion stars in our Galaxy, was successfully launched in December 2013. The nominal science operations are ongoing since end of July 2014 after an extended commissioning phase, which revealed the huge potential of the mission in spite of some issues with the instrument. We review the current status of the mission, the epoch and end-of-mission performances with special emphasis on the spectroscopic observations. We describe the optimization of the Radial Velocity Spectrograph measurements constrained by the findings during the commissioning phase. We also describe the observations already acquired, and the expected data releases.
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