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Paper: Towards an Integrated Model of the WEAVE Performance
Volume: 507, Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Big Questions, Large Surveys, and Wide Fields
Page: 121
Authors: Ham, S. J.; Dalton, G.
Abstract: WEAVE is a new facility instrument for the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope (WHT). The instrument has a 2° field of view and covers a wavelength range of 366–950 nm with up to 960 simultaneous spectra in each observation. The spectrograph consists of a collimator mirror and two correcting lenses before a VPH grating and two 8-lens cameras. The two cameras have been designed to have the same lens shapes. Here we report on the development of detailed simulations for the verification of the whole data reduction procedure and analysis pipeline, and for the generation of high signal-to-noise reference images that can be used as fitting templates for fiber positions and PSF mapping.
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