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Paper: Neutrinos and High Energy Astrophysical Accelerators
Volume: 470, 370 Years of Astronomy in Utrecht
Page: 215
Authors: Pugliese, G.; Achterberg, A.; Hanson, K.
Abstract: The study of the neutrino flux from cosmic sources at energies higher than 1 TeV is fundamental for the understanding of the acceleration and propagation of hadrons in high-energy sources like supernova remnants, GRBs and AGNs. During the last 20 years many (semi-)analytical computations have shown that both internal and external shocks near the progenitors of such phenomena could accelerate baryons to energies high enough to produce UHE (Ultra High Energy) neutrinos. In this in-progress work, we discuss approaches to determine whether possible sources of energetic hadrons could effectively generate UHE neutrinos that are detectable, for example, in experiments like IceCube.
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