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Paper: Progenitor systems of Type Ibc supernovae
Volume: 470, 370 Years of Astronomy in Utrecht
Page: 147
Authors: Yoon, S.-C.
Abstract: The nature of Type Ib and Ic supernova (SN Ibc) progenitors is discussed based on both single and binary star evolutionary models. We argue that SN Ic supernova progenitors should be very compact, hot, optically faint, and therefore difficult to identify in optical images, regardless of their final masses. On the other hand, SN Ib progenitors are expected to undergo a very rapid expansion of the helium envelopes during the final evolutionary stages, making them fairly bright in optical bands compared to most of SN Ic progenitors. This evolutionary effect should be carefully taken into account in future searches for SN Ibc progenitors.
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