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Paper: The Utrecht Astronomical Institute, 1632 to 2012
Volume: 470, 370 Years of Astronomy in Utrecht
Page: 15
Authors: de Jager, C.
Abstract: Utrecht University was founded in 1636. In 1642 the university's astronomical observatory was founded. It was, after that of Leyden, the second university observatory in the world. The observatory was initially located at the Smeetoren, a fortification dating from 1145. In 1854 it moved to Sonnenborgh, a stronghold dating from 1554. In 1987 the personnel moved again, this time to the university campus, the Uithof. We describe the development of research and education in Utrecht over the centuries, with emphasis on the period after 1920. In 2009 the faculty formulated a very favorable advice to the university, viz. that in view of its good potentials astronomical research and education should be strengthened in Utrecht. This decision was accentuated by a likely positive advice of an international visitation committee. But briefly after that the university decided to terminate astronomical education and research in Utrecht, an incomprehensible decision.
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