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Paper: Revealing the Impact of AGN Wind using X-ray Imaging Spectroscopic Observations: A Pilot Study with NGC 4151
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 270
Authors: Wang, J.; Fabbiano, G.; Elvis, M.; Risaliti, G.
Abstract: We report on the deep Chandra ACIS imaging spectroscopic observations of the nearby Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 4151, as part of a systematic effort to improve our understanding of AGN outflows and feedback to their host galaxies. Structured soft X-ray emission is observed to extend from 30 pc to 1.5 kpc. We confirm the dominant role of nuclear photoionization, but also find strong evidence for jet-gas cloud interaction in the inner 150 pc region. The presence of extended emission in the X-ray image perpendicular to the bi-cone indicating leakage of nuclear ionization along the torus. The kinematic power of the outflow in NGC 4151 is measured to be approximately 0.3% of its bolometric luminosity, which is at least an order of magnitude lower than the values required in most AGN feedback models.
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