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Paper: The Bardeen-Petterson Effect as the Precession Mechanism for the Radio Galaxy 3C 84 (NGC 1275)
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 266
Authors: Morales-Teixeira, D.; Abraham, Z.; Caproni, A.; Falceta-Gonçalves, D.
Abstract: In this work we propose the Bardeen-Petterson effect as the mechanism for the jet precession in NGC 1275. To check if this is true we have estimated the angular momentum ratio and the alignment timescale predict by the theory and compared them with the numerical results presented in the literature. We were able to explain the precession period assuming an accretion disk with column surface density in the form of a power law with exponent 0.6<s<0.8 and a black hole rotating with a spin of a*>0.3.
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