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Paper: AGN Winds and the Black-Hole - Galaxy Connection
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 235
Authors: Zubovas, K.; King, A. R.
Abstract: During the last decade, wide–angle powerful outflows from AGN, both on parsec and kpc scales, have been detected in many galaxies. These outflows are widely suspected to be responsible for sweeping galaxies clear of their gas. We present the analytical model describing the propagation of such outflows and calculate their observable properties. Large–scale AGN–driven outflows should have kinetic luminosities ∼ηLEdd/2 ∼ 0.05LEdd and momentum rates ∼ 20LEdd/c, where LEdd is the Eddington luminosity of the central black hole and η∼ 0.1 its radiative accretion efficiency. This creates an expanding two–phase medium in which molecular species coexist with hot gas, which can persist after the central AGN has switched off. This picture predicts outflow velocities ∼ 10001500 km s-1 and mass outflow rates up to 4000 M yr–1 on kpc scales, fixed mainly by the host galaxy velocity dispersion (or equivalently black hole mass). We compare our prediction with recent observational data, finding excellent agreement, and suggest future observational tests of this picture.
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