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Paper: Time-dependent Photoionization Modeling
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 231
Authors: García, J.; Bautista, M.; Kallman, T.
Abstract: Photoionization modeling codes have been developed over the last three decades, achieving powerful predictions based on a high degree of complexity in terms of the physical processes considered in the simulations. Nevertheless, the temporal dependency of the equations is usually neglected or included through very simplistic approximations. Here we present the efforts on the development of a self-consistent photoionization model where the energy, ionization balance and radiative transfer equations are considered in their full time-dependent form. With these models we are able to predict the departures from the steady-state of a photoionized gas given the time variability of the radiation source. These results are particularly applicable to active galactic nuclei outflows where the energy source, the optical/UV/X-ray continuum, is highly variable.
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