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Paper: Effects of an Accretion Disk Wind on the Profile of AGN Emission Lines
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 214
Authors: Eracleous, M.; Flohic, H. M. L. G.; Bogdanović, T.
Abstract: We explore the connection between the single- and double-peaked broad emission lines of active galaxies using models that deal with the effects of radiative transfer through a disk wind. We build upon the analytic model of Murray & Chiang (1997) by including relativistic effects. By exploring a wide parameter space, we find that the profiles of the broad Balmer lines are affected significantly by the optical depth over the line-emitting region of the disk. As the optical depth through the skin of the disk increases, the two peaks of a double-peaked profile move closer together and eventually merge, producing a single-peaked profile. Using a parameter range that encompasses the expected characteristics of the broad line region, we construct a database of model profiles and measure from them a set of diagnostic properties (width, shift, asymmetry, and kurtosis). Comparing the model predictions with measurements of the Hβ profiles of a subset of SDSS quasars, we find that a large optical depth (τ > 10) is implied along with relatively small disk inclinations (i < 45°).
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