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Paper: X-ray Signatures of AGN Outflows: Multi-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Simulations
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 209
Authors: Sim, S. A.; Long, K. S.; Proga, D.; Miller, L.; Turner, T. J.; Reeves, J. N.
Abstract: Outflows have been proposed to explain a variety of features in the X-ray and UV spectra of active galactic nuclei. The origin and launching mechanism for such outflows remains unclear but they may be associated with winds blown off the accretion flow/accretion disc. In general, such winds are not spherically symmetric and they can affect observed spectra in a variety of ways that depend on the observer's inclination. We summarize results of theoretical multi-dimensional radiative transfer simulations that provide detailed synthetic spectra for plausible wind geometries. These illustrate both the range of spectral signatures that winds can produce and help guide the interpretation of observations in the context of wind models. We discuss both absorption and broad emission features, and highlight the importance of scattered radiation in the spectrum.
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