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Paper: Modelling the Spectra of (BAL)QSOs
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 194
Authors: Higginbottom, N.; Long, K. S.; Knigge, C.; Sim, S. A.
Abstract: We have embarked upon a project to model the UV spectra of BALQSOs using a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code previously validated through modelling of the winds of cataclysmic variable stars (e.g., Noebauer et al. 2010). We intend to use the simulations to investigate the plausibility of geometric unification (e.g., Elvis 2000) of the different classes of QSO. Here we introduce the code, and present some initial results. These demonstrate that for reasonable geometries and mass loss rates we are able to produce synthetic spectra which reproduce the important features of observed BALQSO spectra.
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