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Paper: On Time Variability and Other Complications in Studying the UV Broad Absorption Lines of Quasars: Results from Numerical Simulations of Radiation Driven Disk Winds.
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 171
Authors: Proga, D.; Rodriguez-Hidalgo, P.; Hamann, F.
Abstract: We review the main results from axisymmetric, time-dependent hydrodynamical simulations of radiation driven disk winds in AGN. We illustrate the capability of such simulations to provide useful insights into the three domains of observational astronomy: spectroscopy, time-variability, and imaging. Specifically, the synthetic line profiles predicted by the simulations resemble the broad absorption lines observed in quasars. The intrinsically time dependent nature of radiation driven disk winds that have been predicted by the simulations can be supported by a growing number of the observed dramatic variability in the UV absorption lines. And finally, the intensity maps predicted by the simulations give physical and geometrical justification to the phenomenologically deduced fact that a proper interpretation of the observed line absorption requires the wind covering factor to be considered as being partial, inhomogeneous, and velocity dependent.
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