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Paper: Monitoring Quasar Color Variability in Stripe 82
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 124
Authors: Rogerson, J. A.; Hall, P. B.; MacLeod, C.; Ivezić, Ž.
Abstract: Broad Absorption Line (BAL) trough variability is predominantly due to cloud motion transverse to our line of sight. The rate at which the variability occurs indicates the velocity of the cloud, and that can provide constraints on the cloud's distance from the central source. Measuring this requires detailed spectroscopy during a variability event. Such spectra have proven elusive, suggesting either the timescale of variability is too short to be caught, or too long to notice until a sufficient amount of time has passed. Photometric monitoring of BAL quasar colors may potentially be used as an early warning system to trigger time-resolved spectroscopic monitoring of BAL variability. Towards this end, we are analyzing both BAL and non-BAL color variability using time series photometry from Stripe 82 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
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