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Paper: Tomography of the UV Outflow in IRAS-F22456-5125 using High S/N HST/COS Observations
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 113
Authors: Borguet, B.; Edmonds, D.; Arav, N.; Dunn, J.
Abstract: In recent years AGN outflows have gained strong interest as a main agent in AGN feedback scenarios. Determining the mass flow rate and kinetic luminosity carried by these outflows requires an accurate determination of the column densities as well as a distance estimate to the outflow. Using the brand new FUV COS spectrograph on board the Hubble Space Telescope, we obtained a high S/N spectrum of IRAS-F22456-5125 showing a wealth of absorption lines, including lines from resonance and excited states of CII and SiII allowing us to constrain the distance to the absorber and estimate the feedback efficiency of the outflow. In this analysis we report the determination of the distance, mass flow rate and kinetic luminosity associated with two of the kinematic components.
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