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Paper: Variability in Quasar Broad Absorption Line Outflows
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 88
Authors: Capellupo, D. M.; Hamann, F.; Shields, J. C.; Halpern, J.; Hidalgo, P. R.; Barlow, T. A.
Abstract: Broad absorption lines (BALs) in quasar spectra identify high velocity outflows that likely exist in all quasars and could play a major role in feedback to galaxy evolution. Studying the variability in these BALs can help us understand the structure, evolution, and basic physical properties of these outflows. We are conducting a BAL monitoring program, which so far includes 163 spectra of 24 luminous quasars, covering time-scales from ∼1 week to 8 years in the quasar rest-frame. We investigate changes in both the CIV λ1550 and SiIV λ1400 BALs, and we report here on some of the results from this program.
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