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Paper: Narrow UV Absorption Line Outflows from Quasars
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 47
Authors: Hamann, F.; Simon, L.; Hidalgo, P. R.; Capellupo, D.
Abstract: Narrow absorption line (NAL) outflows are an important yet poorly understood part of the quasar outflow phenomenon. We discuss one particular NAL outflow that has high speeds, time variability, and moderate ionizations like typical BAL flows, at an estimated location just ∼5 pc from the quasar. It also has a total column density and line widths (internal velocity dispersions) ∼100 times smaller than BALs, with no substantial X-ray absorption. We argue that radiative shielding (in the form of an X-ray/warm absorber) is not critical for the outflow acceleration and that the moderate ionizations occur in dense substructures that have an overall small volume filling factor in the flow. We also present new estimates of the overall incidence of quasar outflow lines; e.g., ∼43% of bright quasars have a C IV NAL outflow while ∼68% have a C IV outflow line of any variety (NAL, BAL, or mini-BAL).
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