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Paper: PHL 1811 Analogs: A Population of X-ray Weak Quasars
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 42
Authors: Wu, J.; Brandt, W. N.; Hall, P. B.; Gibson, R. R.; Richards, G. T.; Schneider, D. P.; Shemmer, O.; Just, D. W.; Schmidt, S. J.
Abstract: We report on a population of X-ray weak quasars with UV emission-line properties similar to those of the remarkable quasar PHL 1811. All radio-quiet PHL 1811 analogs are notably X-ray weak by a mean factor of ≈ 13, with hints of heavy X-ray absorption. Correlations between the X-ray weakness and UV emission-line properties suggest that PHL 1811 analogs may have extreme wind-dominated broad emission-line regions (BELRs). We propose an AGN geometry that can potentially unify the PHL 1811 analogs and the general population of weak-line quasars.
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