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Paper: A Multi-wavelength Survey of AGN Outflows in a Sample of Local AGNs
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 28
Authors: Winter, L. M.
Abstract: While feedback from the central supermassive black hole likely affects the host galaxy evolution in the distant universe, through suppressing star formation, we can not directly observe these processes at work. We can, however, easily observe the host galaxy and AGN properties of nearby sources. To understand the outflow and host galaxy properties in a local sample of AGN, we present our results from optical and X-ray spectroscopic follow-ups of a sample of 50 Seyfert 1s detected in the very hard X-rays (14–195 keV) with the Swift Burst Alert Telescope. Due to the high-energy selection, this survey is largely unbiased to the gas and dust which obscures softer bands. We find that outflows are detected in a majority of the sample and may be present in all local Seyfert 1s. We investigate how these outflows affect their host galaxies through searching for correlations between star formation rate and both accretion rate and outflow strength.
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