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Paper: X-ray Evidence for Ultra-Fast Outflows in Local AGNs
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 8
Authors: Tombesi, F.; Cappi, M.; Sambruna, R. M.; Reeves, J. N.; Reynolds, C. S.; Braito, V.; Dadina, M.
Abstract: X-ray evidence for ultra-fast outflows (UFOs) has been recently reported in a number of local AGNs through the detection of blue-shifted Fe XXV/XXVI absorption lines. We present the results of a comprehensive spectral analysis of a large sample of 42 local Seyferts and 5 Broad-Line Radio Galaxies (BLRGs) observed with XMM-Newton and Suzaku. We detect UFOs in ga 40% of the sources. Their outflow velocities are in the range ∼ 0.03–0.3c, with a mean value of ∼ 0.14c. The ionization is high, in the range log ∼3–6rm erg s–1 cm, and also the associated column densities are large, in the interval ∼ 1022–1024rm cm–2. Overall, these results point to the presence of highly ionized and massive outflowing material in the innermost regions of AGNs. Their variability and location on sub-pc scales favor a direct association with accretion disk winds/outflows. This also suggests that UFOs may potentially play a significant role in the AGN cosmological feedback besides jets, and their study can provide important clues on the connection between accretion disks, winds, and jets.
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