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Paper: Anatomy of an Outflow: Mapping the Mrk 509 Warm Absorber
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 3
Authors: Kaastra, J. S.; Pinto, C.; Steenbrugge, K. C.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Bianchi, S.; Arav, N.; Behar, E.; Cappi, M.; Costantini, E.; Detmers, R. G.; Ebrero, J.; Kriss, G. A.; Mehdipour, M.; Paltani, S.; Petrucci, P.; Ponti, G.; de Vries, C. P.
Abstract: We discuss some of the highlights of our monitoring campaign on the Seyfert 1 galaxy Mrk 509 that was conducted in 2009. We focus here on the ionization structure of the outflow.
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