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Paper: Modeling Non-Uniform Distribution of Acoustic Sources and Wave Leakage in Sunspots
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 289
Authors: Karchevsky, K.V.; Kosovichev, A.G.
Abstract: Observations show suppression of the amplitude of 5-min oscillations in sunspots. We developed a 3D numerical simulation code to model wave excitation and propagation in the upper convection zone and the atmosphere of the Sun. We model how suppression of acoustic sources affects the oscillation amplitude in sunspot regions. The calculations show that this suppression (due to strong magnetic field) significantly reduces the oscillation amplitude to a level comparable with the observed amplitude deficit. The precise value of the amplitude ratio outside and inside sunspots depends on the rate of wave leakage and damping in the lower atmosphere. We present the results of detailed investigation of this effect, including modeling of wave damping at various heights in the atmosphere and the frequency dependence of the amplitude ratio. These results show the importance of the wave energy leakage through the atmospheric layers of sunspots.
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