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Paper: Temporal Variations of High-Cadence GONG+ Magnetic Field Images
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 227
Authors: Hill, F.; Bolding, J.; Clark, R.; Donaldson-Hanna, K.; Harvey, J.W.; Petrie, G.J.D.; Toner, C.G.; Wentzel, T.M.
Abstract: The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) program now produces full-disk line-of-sight magnetic field images at the rate of one per minute. These high-cadence data enable unprecedented studies of the rapid variations of the solar magnetic field over the entire disk. We present samples of the data, and power spectra of the magnetic field in three different types of areas (sunspot, network, and quiet Sun). The power spectra can be used to measure velocities of moving magnetic features.
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