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Paper: Life and Death of Solar Active Regions
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 191
Authors: van Ballegooijen, A.A.
Abstract: Recent models for the formation and decay of active regions are discussed. Large active regions are thought to be Ω loops that emerge from a toroidal field located near the base of the convection zone. After an Ω loop has fully emerged at the solar surface, it continues to evolve under the influence of subsurface convective flows and solar differential rotation. The magnetic helicity of active regions originates below the photosphere, but its spatial distribution in the corona is significantly altered by reconnection processes. Results from 3-D flux transport models of decaying active regions are presented. It is found that such models provide a natural explanation for the occurrence of flares and coronal mass ejections. The models predict that submerging magnetic fields are transported back to the base of the convection zone, leading to the “repair” of the toroidal flux ropes. Interactions between Ω loops are also considered.
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