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Paper: GONG Synoptic Magnetogram Program: Near-real-time Coronal Magnetic Field Model
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 181
Authors: Petrie, G.J.D.; Bolding, J.; Clark, R.; Donaldson-Hanna, K.; Harvey, J.W.; Hill, F.; Toner, C.; Wentzel, T.M.
Abstract: Line-of-sight photospheric magnetograms are produced every minute at GONG’s six sites. All modulators and driving circuitry have recently been replaced, improving the sensitivity, accuracy and zero point by orders of magnitude. Information on the solar atmospheric field can most reliably be derived from such photospheric data, from which model coronal fields are then extrapolated. Two types of near-real-time synoptic magnetogram are produced by GONG every hour: one representing the steady-state field and the other designed to capture hour-by-hour field changes on the earthward side of the Sun. Potential-field source-surface (PFSS) models are produced from the standard steady-state magnetogram every hour yielding insight into large-scale coronal field changes caused by quasi-static evolution and by flares and coronal mass ejections. GONG is the official provider of magnetograms for NASA’s STEREO mission.
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