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Paper: Role of Magneto-Convection in Plasma Dynamic and Energy Balance Above the Supergranular Network
Volume: 383, Subsurface and Atmospheric Influences on Solar Activity
Page: 173
Authors: Aiouaz, T.
Abstract: The current project aims to model the upper solar atmosphere taking in account the magnetic complexity of the supergranulation pattern. The result of a potential field extrapolation is used as the initial condition for the magnetic field in the framework of a forward 3D MHD model including the calculation of EUV emission lines. The MHD model describes the solar atmosphere from the high chromosphere to the lower solar corona above a synthetic supergranular cell. I present preliminary results on the relation between the magnetic topology, the thermodynamic properties of the plasma (e.g., flow, temperature, density) and the EUV intensity as calculated from the synthetic emission lines. Signatures of the magnetic field concentration is to be found in the corona in the density and temperature structure, and thus in emissivity and intensity, while the magnetic field is almost homogeneous. This model succeeds in reproducing for the first time the supergranular pattern as observed with a spectrometer in the EUV.
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